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We Like Big Books and We Cannot Lie

Knowledge is power and since 1455 (thank you Gutenberg press!) books & other printed material have been capturing knowledge for generations to come and to spread across the globe. Here at Powerful Ladies HQ we can’t imagine life without books. They allow you to learn anything you want, be entertained, meet new people, travel the world from your chair, see a perspective different than your own, and discover everything humanly possible. The ability to read has been declared so powerful that through history and today women have been forbidden to learn how.

Relish in your freedom to read & learn! Use the below list to expand that big beautiful brain of yours.

Here you’ll find all our favorite reads - Books, Audiobooks, Magazines, Blogs, Newspapers, etc. You’ll also find in depth reviews of our favorite books in our Powerful Ladies Blog.

We’re adding new recommendation weekly. If your favorite is missing, let us know: