Elizabeth McGarry


Elizabeth McGarry has been on our #WCW list for decades. Originally from Oregon, she currently lives in Boston with her husband and two sons in a house that is equally warm and welcoming as it is so well designed and inspiring. Just like her. Elizabeth’s an entrepreneur, a designer, a wife, a mom, a daughter, and a friend. She’s stylish, creative, and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. We love that she’s committed to making her family, her businesses and her communities the best possible. Currently the Creative Director for York Athletics Mfg. working alongside her husband, the brands CEO, she is always balancing building a business, working with your partner and being the best mom & wife possible. Previously she was head of her creative agency McGarry & Son’s , which she recently put on pause to join York full time, servicing brands you know and love - New Balance, Track & Smithson, & Supra Footwear to name a few. Elizabeth was part of our first ever Powerful Ladies One Day of Giving Campaign. She hosted a women’s meet up at her design studio. Powerful Ladies is forever grateful to Elizabeth for being a yes to our mission, a yes to being part of our global community, and for being one of the original ladies who inspired our creation.