Episode 14 : Kendra Eaton of Sprinkled with Pink Shop
“Knowing that you can do anything you set your mind to. I think there are so many different things that you may have no idea about and educating yourself and putting your mind to it. There’s really no stopping you. There may be certain roadblocks or things that get in your way. People in my Spanish class would tell me, “Sit down! What are you doing with these kids?” There are going to be certain people who come in your path and you can’t let those get in your way. Make sure that those make you stronger and build you up as a person, rather than letting you down and giving up. Whatever you’re passionate about. It really can be anything you set your mind to.”
— Kendra Eaton

Kendra Eaton is unstoppable. She’s is her twenties, has a high powered full time job, is a homeowner, she’s the HOA president, and is an entrepreneur with two businesses. And we’re not talking about hobby businesses. These are two companies with a staff and an office and generating serious income.  Total boss lady. As a kid she was diagnosed with ADD and today is using that gift to her advantage. On this episode we talk about how she does it all, what it’s like to be so young and so hungry, real life when your partner is also an entrepreneur and how she remembers to have fun and be a regular 20-something.

Episode 13 : Sandy Zhao-Ran Ji of EarthShine Glitter
There is no right or wrong way of being a woman. Whatever makes you feel good, whatever makes you feel powerful and happy just keep going at it. The more you find joy and the more you push yourself to do those things the more you’ll find your frequency vibrating stronger and the more those types of people will come into your life.
— Sandy Zhao-Ran Ji

Sandy is energetic and exciting, just like the plant-based biodegradable glitter brand she’s created, EarthShine Glitter.  She’s also your modern American success story. Born in China, she and her parents immigrated first to Canada, then to Palo Alto, California.  Always creative and resourceful up-cycling the hand-me-downs she was given growing up, at an early age she became interested in the fashion industry. After working at LA fashion labels such as BCBG and Forever 21, she continues to mix product merchandising and e-commerce to bring brands into the modern era.  When her passions for environmentalism and fashion came in conflict, she knew she had to find a way for them both to exist. This is her story


If you love what Sandy is up to and what to support and connect with her you can:

SHOW NOTES: Things we mentioned:

Los Angeles
Plant Based
Northern China
Palo Alto
Fashion School
Forever 21
Nasty Gal
Fashion Industry
New Zealand
Claire McCardell
50’s Housewife
Leggings with Pockets
Fake Pockets
Moncler x Africa jackets
Mass Market
Nike Skateboarding
True Cost of Products
Art Supply Stores
Lightning in a Bottle
Takeback Program
Invasion Species
Eyelash Glue
Full Circle Economy
Makeup Artist
Drag Community
Jem & the Holograms
FDA Compliant
Paul G Sandwiches
Legalization of Drugs
Schoguns - drug research
Newport Beach
Field Trips
Setting Intentions
The Burn
Form in Arizona
Lake Lucerne
Perky Parts
Spin Fire
LA’s Homeless Situation
Gintel Gee


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Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic

Episode 12 : Lisa Ledezma
I was a woman ready to fight. I was battling for my kids, my husband, my home. Because I knew that I knew my job. I spent 10 years prior to that studying what FHA stood for. All I’ve been doing is helping people build their homes, I’m not here to break people’s homes down. I’m a builder. I’m a person who believes in a strong foundation. My word is who I am.
— Lisa Ledezma

Lisa Ledezma is your average American woman. She’s a divorced mom of three, she lives in suburbia, she’s a soccer coach, and has a career as a loan officer.  She’s spent decades working to help the latino population in her communities have financial literacy, buy a home and have the American dream. Then one day she was accused of mortgage fraud.  On this episode she shares for the first time her story of being swept up in the financial crisis, how it’s impacted her life, and what she learned as a result.

Episode 11 : The Miracle Sisters - Jamie Bartley, Madelyn Golgart & Jessica Niblett
I want to slow down. I tend to want to do everything, go here and go there and do all these things. With this baby coming, I’m learning to say no more, which is hard, but also really awesome at the same time.
— Jamie Bartley
I never had to ask for money. I never had to ask for any help. I hustled and put my head down. That to me was such an accomplishment to know that I had it in me to make it on my own with no help.
— Madelyn Golgart
The only way through this is through this. Just do it. The quicker you do it the quicker it will be off your do to list. That itself can be motivation for me.
— Jessica Niblett
Jamie Bartley

Jamie Bartley

Madelyn Golgart

Madelyn Golgart

Jessica Niblett

Jessica Niblett

Once I decided I was going to go full-time into expanding Powerful Ladies, I knew I needed a support system to keep me accountable and on track. The universe knew it too and at a Friends-Giving, two friends of mine Madelyn & Jessica asked if I wanted to join them in a book club that was going to read a Course in Miracles.  It was exactly what I needed. Our other friend Jamie joined, too. These three women, who I had known for five years and we had mostly spent time together in large groups suddenly became some of my most important supporters. On this episode they talk about the importance of being part of a group that’s equally committed to being up to big things, where they go for inspiration and how with all our different stories and backgrounds we’re all looking for our version of an amazing life.


You can support and connect with Jamie by:

  • Emailing her at jamie.oday13@gmail.com

You can support and connect with Madelyn by:

  • Follower her on Instagram @maddieatthebeach

  • Email her at madelynhomeloans@gmail.com

You can support and connect with Jessica by:

  • Follower her on Instagram @jessnib

  • Follower her on LinkedIn @jessicaniblett

  • Email her at jniblett@gmail.com

SHOW NOTES: Things we mentioned:

Fountain Valley, CA
Hoboken, NJ
Queens, NY
Bronx, NY
Orange County, CA
Los Angeles, CA
American Airlines
Whistler, Canada
Course in Miracles
Vietnam War
Vietnam War Vets
Gabby Bernstein
Rachel Hollis
Josh Cameron
Lighting in a Bottle
Full Moon Party
Costa Mesa, CA
The Universe Has Your Back
Aliso Creek Beach
Miracle Workshop by Gabby Bernstein
Fixed Income
Super Soul Sunday
The Secret
10% Happier
Holy Spirit
The Universe
Silent Night
Field Hockey
Rachel Scheppele
Trip Around the World
Sarah Leemhuis
Geography of Bliss
Copenhagen, Denmark
Gratitude Article
Yee Yang
Marie Forleo
Online Therapy
Therapy Apps
Consulting & Coaching
Baby Boom


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Production, Audio Engineering, & Editing by Jordan Duffy

Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic

Episode 10 : Monique Vizzerra
You have the choice every single day of how you’re going to spend your day. You wake up and you’re going to be like I”m going to rule today. Then you go just do it. There’s no questioning it. You get to be and do whatever you want and you decide that. Nobody else. If you tell me no. Yeah right. Watch me.
— Monique Vizzerra

You guys are in for a treat! Today’s guest is one of my favorite ladies of skate, Monique Vizzerra.  She’s passionate about skateboarding and honoring the athletes, history and participants of the sport. She’s spent 15 years working in the skate & action sports industry where she gets to hang out with her friends and still fans-out when she gets to spend time with one of the sports’ legends.  She’s on my list of favorites. She works her ass off, she’s funny, and is clear on what her priorities are so that she can live her best life. On this episode she shares what it’s like to be a lady in the skate world, why it’s important to build your friend family, how you can hustle all week and live for cannon balls on the weekend, and how she balances being a babe and loving Budweiser and so much more!


Love Monique like I do? Great! You can support and connect with her by:

  • Following her on Instagram @monivee Where you can see all the dresses that she does wear

  • Email her at mvizzerra@gmail.com

SHOW NOTES: Things we mentioned:

Supra Footwear
Gilbert, Arizona
Skate Shop
PLM: Product Line Manager
Active Ride Shop
Orange County, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Michelle Smith
Brent Futagaki
Cannon Balls
Solstice Intimates
Booty Boot Camp
Fit Model
Sales Meeting
Jim Greco
Chad Muska
Palm Trees
Coconut Margaritas
Road Trips
Donald Cerrone
Angry Orchard Cider
Mike’s Hard Lemonade
Elephant Trainer
Day Dream
Palm Springs
Morongo Casino
People Watching
Sneaker Shops
Silver Lake
Vintage Store
The Fox Hole on Sunset


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Production, Audio Engineering, & Editing by Jordan Duffy

Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic

Episode 9 : Gintel Gee
If you’re not learning you’re kinda not living. Life is all about how you evolve over time. The world is always changing, there’s always new ideas out there and if you’re able to relate or see some potential in those ideas, that’s the best situation.
— Gintel Gee
pic 1.jpg

Gintel Gee is a badass carving her own path.  Raised in South Central LA by families with one focused on achieving excellence and one focused on finding hustle & joy, early in her life it became clear to her the importance to always be learning, to serve your community, and to chase what makes you happy. She’s a high performer who stands out in her industry of UX Design by gender and race.  She’s real, she’s authentic and she’s wise. On this episode she shares how she keeps discovering her path, why being ready never happens, why we all love Beyonce, and that real life has both ups and downs and that’s where you find your confidence and true self. There’s so much good stuff in this episode you need to listen through to the end. It’s never been more of a challenge to pick an intro quote because the nuggets of wisdom just kept coming.


You can support and connect with Gintel by:

SHOW NOTES: Things we mentioned:

UX Design
User Experiences
Follic Beauty Lab
Women’s Streetwear
Dime Piece Brand
Club Flyers
Website Design
Cal State Channel Islands
Insane Asylum
How to Know if your House is Haunted
Student Senator
Political Science
Studio Art
Grind Gallery
Venice Beach, CA
Army Corporal
Cosby Show
Fortune 500 Companies
Hello Possibility
Ted Talk
Ted Talk Referenced by Gintel
Women For Women
Financial Literacy
Hair Typing
Clam App (reads you stories)
Doctor of Divinity
Fashionable Old Ladies
Burning Man
Health Care & Health Insurance Debate
Breast Cancer
Go Fund Me
Renter’s Insurance
Act of God
South Central Los Angeles
Boyz N the Hood
Los Angeles Gang Culture
A Womanist
A Feminist
L.A. Women’s March
Women’s Movement
Java Script
Michelle Obama
Martin Luther King Jr
Malcolm X
Black History Month
Gender & Equality Studies
George Bernard Shaw

Reading Recommendations:
Becoming by Michelle Obama
Hooked (book about UX)

Who she looks up to:
Her Mom
Her Cousin
Sarah 'Huny' Young
Poala Mendoza

Favorite Quote:
George Bernard Shaw "men get tired of everything, of heaven no less than of hell; and that all history is nothing but a record of the oscillations of the world between these two extremes. An epoch is but a swing of the pendulum; and each generation thinks the world is progressing because it is always moving." From Man and Superman


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Production, Audio Engineering, & Editing by Jordan Duffy

Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic

Episode 8 : Adeline Bondu de Perez
It’s not the ego speaking saying, “look I’m more ambitious and I want to do bigger stuff,” in the sense that I’m in a race. No, it’s just that I’m doing something that makes me feel good, that makes people feel good. And I’m just happy. If it works that’s good and if it doesn’t work, well, it will because I need it. It makes me feel good inside.
— Adeline Bondu

Adeline Perez Bondu was born in France and then upon graduating from university started to travel the world. She’s lived in Japan, Switzerland, Germany and Spain, where she lives today just outside Barcelona with her husband and cat.  She’s a yoga instructor who works in marketing by day and is crafting her coming soon yoga plus empowerment business by night. She’s smart, powerful, organized, ambitious, authentic, beautiful, strong and sweet. We met almost 10 years ago and she instantly became one of my favorite humans.  Even though we haven’t lived in the same country for almost 7 years, we always reach out to meet up when we’re in each other’s country or city - or when we happened to both be in Ibiza and her husband approved turning one night of their honeymoon into a double date night. I admire her hunger to see the world, to keep pushing herself & to share with others.  I’m inspired by the life she’s created, that she always convinces herself to do it anyway especially when she’s scared, and the purity of her intentions. On this episode she shares her story of finding her voice, of finding her purpose and what’s it’s like to take on your fear to have the amazing life waiting for you on the other side.


You can support and connect with Adeline by:

  • Follow Adeline on Instagram

  • Follow Adeline on Facebook

  • Email her yogabyadeline@gmail.com. To tell her what was your favorite part of this episode, to learn how you can take a Yoga class or how to join her next workshop.

SHOW NOTES: Things We Mentioned:

Yoga Teacher
Luxury Industry
Sport Industry
Kids Footwear
South of France
Scuba Diving
Powerful Ladies
One Day of Giving event
Hatha Yoga
Flow Yoga
Student Exchange
Body Image Workshop
Life Coach
Women’s Movement
French Cat-Calling Law

PODCASTS She Recommends:

Super Soul Podcast by Oprah
LA POUDRE with Lauren Bastide
Magic Lessons Podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert
Tools for Titans by Tim Ferris
Gabby Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back Podcast


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Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic

Episode 7 : Marhnelle & Dave Hibbard
She fulfilled a dream and that’s when you said, show up, stand up, take that risk, go to the skinny edge of the branch and just believe what you want to happen cause that to me is our power. That to me is your personal power. That’s when it gets juicy.
— Marhnelle HIbbard

If you look up Power Couple, the first example is Beyonce & Jay-Z. The second example is Dave and Marhnelle Hibbard.  They are the co-founders of DIALEXIS a sales training, mindset & leadership coaching business, as well as public speakers and co-authors of two books SOAR SELLING: How To Get Through to Almost Anyone—the Proven Method for Reaching Decision Makers and The Canoe Theory: A Business Success Strategy for Leaders and Associates. For decades they have been traveling the world coaching executives on leadership and training sales teams on achieving breakthrough numbers for pretty much every major company in the world including Apple, Xerox and Dupont.  As successful as their business has been, they also an example of what it looks like to win at home. I’m so inspired by the respect they have for each other, how they’ve grown and evolved together, and how they really do push, balance and elevate each other.  I was lucky to meet them when Marhnelle took a personal development program for which I was a coach. Ever since I’ve been looking to her and Dave for inspiration, advice and as a reminder that you CAN create a life beyond your wildest expectations even from nothing.  On this episode I was lucky to get them both in the studio and have them share their journey as business people and as a couple who both came from nothing and have exceeded any expectations younger versions of themselves would have ever dreamed of.


To support, follow or get in contact with Marhnelle & Dave you can:

SHOW NOTES: Things We Mentioned:

Gratitude List
Affirmation Book
White Paper
“When I Get Clear It Happens”
Wizard of Oz
Transformational Workshop
Leadership Training
“Getting Clear” - gaining clarity on what you’re next move, purpose, or goal should be as a result of removing unproductive distractions and/or allowing yourself to marinate on it.
“Cleaning Something Up” - to get complete or flat with someone to whom you’ve had a negative impact upon or to whom you didn’t keep you word.  It’s to leave someone whole or back to neutral without necessarily apologizing. Taking the morality out of a situation while also removing any upset.
Mother’s Day
Commercial Real Estate
“Looking Good” - being worried about how you appear to others in looks, behavior, positioning, etc vs being authentic or other priorities.
“Maximizing You”
Lion King
“20 Ways for Free Right Now to Claim Some Power”
Right way to shake hands
Self Talk
“The Power of Negative People”
Movie Studio
“Get Shiny” article
“Empty Suit”
Corporate Collateral - your career experience. Similar to financial collateral, but related to your job experience. It’s what makes you a desirable hire.
Dr. Iziki
Jim Carrey

How to Get Clear:

  1. Feed yourself positivity - affirmations

  2. When you feel fearful - be courageous.  Start w/ “I need to tell on myself” to share what’s not comfortable for me.

  3. Get rid of all the distractions

  4. Have the courage to want it even though….(fill in what your afraid ego is saying)

  5. Let go of things that are in the way

  6. Declare what you want

  7. Let the universe bring it forth

  8. Give up that it will make sense

  9. Risk, Courage and be Gracious


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Production, Audio Engineering, & Editing by Jordan Duffy

Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic

Episode 6 : Renee Colvert
We can all site someone who you don’t want to be like who is a showboat and so crazy. What you picked up on what not their showboat-ness, but their insecurity. They don’t believe in themselves either they just show it a different way. Be the person who accepts exactly who you are and you’ll never go wrong.
— Renee Colvert

Renee Colvert is a writer, a runner, a podcast panelist, and has one of the best jobs in LA. She’s the co-creator and one of the hosts on the Can I Pet Your Dog Podcast, a podcast dedicated to all things dogs. Awarded “Podcasts that Make you Happy” by Oprah Magazine as well as Pop Culture Happy Hour from NPR, Can I Pet Your Dog started in 2015 with Lin Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame as their first guest. Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Renee traveled between LA and NYC to pursue her passion in Musical Theater.  On this episode she shares her story of chasing what brings her joy, including being mom to dog Tugboat, and how pursuing what she’s interested in has brought her through many career phases. We discuss how to know what your passion is, how to find your circle in the competitive landscapes of Broadway and Hollywood, and the unpredictability of where life will take you.


To support Renee you can:

SHOW NOTES: Things We Mentioned

How close do you need to be to a Mic
Joe Manganiello
Can I Pet Your Dog
Podcast Panelist
Jury Duty
Kara’s a Weirdo List
O.J. Trial Jurors
Cosby Jury - what happened
Hello Giggles
Zooey Deschanel
Musical Theater
Theme Parks
Personal Training
Travis McElroy
Alegra Ringo
Lin Manuel Miranda
My Brother, My Brother and Me
The Heights
Oprah Magazine “Podcasts that Make You Happy”
Pop Culture Happy Hour “Things that Make You Happy”

Tooth Fairy
Boo the Dog
Pod Save America
Tugboat - Aug 17
Pitbull + something
All Dogs App
Hallmark Moment
Wag App
Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz
Universal Studios
Donna - female mentor at Universal Studios
Animal Actors Show
Stephanie Block Broadway Star
Holly, female mentor & gym owner in LA
Muscle Up
Karen Kilgariff
My Favorite Murder
Do you need a Ride w/ Chris Fairbanks
Mindset the book
Growth Mindset
Fixed Mindset
Sports Gene book by David Epstein
Science of Sport
Colorado Springs
Air Force
Pikes Peak
Garden of the Gods
Kissing Camels
San Diego
Outdoor Retailer
Tiny Homes
4040 Club (not the 333 club)
Fancy Fraus
Geography of Bliss Book
½ Marathon
San Francisco
Orange County, CA
Sober October
Joe Rogan
Ultra Ragnar
IT Bands
Bry Zaragosa
Paul Chek
Eat Move & Be Healthy

Key Influencers On Your Path:
Genuine Interest, Then it got hard, Then there was stiff competition

Colorado Springs, CO
Thespian Award State of Colorado
Musical Theater Performer - theme parks, NYC
Personal Trainer
Writing Programs
Fitness Writing
Writer - online articles “Hello Giggles”, “Cuteness.com”
Podcast Panelist
Podcast Host & Creator (est: Summer 2015)


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Production, Audio Engineering, & Editing by Jordan Duffy

Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic

Episode 5 : Ryann Gaspara
I can’t believe this is my job that I made for myself. I created this thing and now people are trusting me to do this and hiring me to do this and spending money on this. I didn’t even realize the amount of money that goes into something like this. I just through ok, let’s just keep going, this is what I’m interested in. I just kept following what I was interested in and now people are coming for me and wanting me. I have to pinch myself.
— Ryann Gaspara
SamEricaStudios-GasparaFlora-33 (1).jpg

Ryann Gaspara is the badass entrepreneur owner of Gaspara Flora, what started as custom wedding gifting company and transformed into a custom corporate gifting company and has expanded again to include bespoke hotel luxury amenities.  She’s a fierce supporter of women entrepreneurs and that creating something that matters for you, your customers and the end consumer is what really matters. Ryann and I met through our great friend Ally Winn, when we all ran the Southern California Ragnar race together. Ragnars are a 12 person, 2 van, 200 mile relay race, which means you’re stuck in a van together for 36 hours plus while everyone runs more than they ever normally would with limited food and sleep. So you kinda get to know each other. Since then thanks to social media and running the race again the next year, we’ve become part of each others boss lady cheer team.  She’s super inspiring, a loyal friend, and really authentic on both this episode and on social media about the great and the ugly of being an entrepreneur and running a small business. She’s a living, breathing Powerful Lady. On this episode she shares her story from starting on the safe path to making the leap to living big & boldly as her own boss. We discuss how to know when it’s the right time to start, how to take care of yourself along the way, what to do when you’re not feeling so powerful and how the universe helps you along the way. Enjoy the episode!


To support Ryann or get in contact with her or even reach out to explore her adding value to your business you can:

Tell her what was your favorite part of this episode!

SHOW NOTES: Things We Mentioned

Gaspara Flora
Ontario, California

Private Girls’ School near Pasadena
Cosmetology School
La Jolla, California
Hello Sessions
Portland, Oregon
Chef’s Table with Christina Tosi
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Astrology Reading
Past Life Reading
Moving Meditation
San Diego
New York
How I Built This
The book that says follow what you’re good at not your passion:
Red Tail Hawk
Mel Robbins
5 Second Rule
Everyone Poops
Rachel Hollis

Private Girl’s School
Cosmetology School
Hair Salon in La Jolla
Fundraising for Non-Profit Theater
Hello Sessions in PDX
Gifts for Weddings
Corporate Gifting
Hotel Luxury Amenities


  • That people are trusting her w/ their business

  • That she’s able to provide for her family

  • That her vision & her place are aligning


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Production, Audio Engineering, & Editing by Jordan Duffy

Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic

Episode 4 : Bry Zaragoza
As a human we need experience in order to grow and appreciate life. If you don’t have enough struggle you create it to be able to experience and learn those lessons. From some of the most traumatic stories that I’ve heard come some of the greatest humans I know.
— Bry Zaragoza

Bry Zaragoza is a mobility and movement specialist, certified yoga teacher, personal trainer and dancer from Long Beach, California. She began dancing at age two, teaching dance classes at 16, danced internationally on tour with the Celtic Tiger by Michael Flatley show, and found her dance home in the RhetOracle Dance Company. After years of sacrificing her body for her love of dance and searching for a way to repair herself, Bry went down the path of personal training to discover her new passion for guiding people to find balance in their bodies and their life.  On this episode she talks about what it was like to be a professional dancer, how she found her way into personal training, and how her views of what you can do with your body and how to take care of it have evolved


if you have questions for Bry, you want to her to come speak at your studio, or collaborate in another way you can:

  • Email her at Bryz.movement@gmail.com

  • Check out RhetOracle Dance Company’s Website and Facebook Page

SHOW NOTES: Things We Mentioned

Joe Manganiello
True Blood
Joe Rogan
Honey Honey (band)
Ice House
Long Beach
Marilyn McDowell School of Dance

Nutcracker Ballet

Dance Moms

Wilson High School Long Beach


Celtic Tiger by Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley

Honda Center

Irish Dancer



Hong Kong


Eating Disorders


Bear Dance Company:

Nate Hodges

RhetOracle Dance Company

Swan Lake

University Reno Nevada

California State University Long Beach

Dr. Justin

Personal Trainer

Physical Therapy

Mobility & Movement

Sunspark Yoga Studio


24 Hour Fitness

Gym Fail



Lora Bleijenberg - see Lora’s Podcast Episode


Cross Training

On The Ball Fitness

Shoreline Village Long Beach


Yoga Sutras


The Wisdom of Yoga: A Seekers Guide to Extraordinary Living  Stephen Cope

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Scythe by Neal Shusterman:  

Yin & Yang

What’s in the Way is the Path

What you resist persists” Carl Jung:

SMR - Mild Release

FRC - Functional Release



Chronic Pain Netflix Doc

Neil Degrasse Tyson

Harry Potter:

Dr. Beau Hightower



Dance Teacher

Professional Dancer

Personal Fitness Trainer

Mobility & Movement Trainer

Certified Yoga Instructor


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Production, Audio Engineering, & Editing by Jordan Duffy

Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic

Episode 3 : Amber Amos
My best advice for anybody that might struggling is don’t ever give up on something that sets your soul on fire. You hang on to that! If it makes you feel unlike anything else makes you feel it’s because it’s the right thing and you have to trust the process. There is no timeline of success. It doesn’t have to happen in this amount of time or it doesn’t matter and your journey isn’t anybody else’s journey. They are all very different and the universe will work in your favor.
— Amber Amos

Amber Amos is the owner and chef of Westside Taco Co. Her carnitas tacos took 2nd place at the LA Weekly’s Tacolandia and was voted 3rd best restaurant in Bend just months after opening up shop Oregon and not even being located in Bend! When not creating ridiculously delicious tacos such as the Blueberry Brisket Tacos, she’s a great mom of two boys and spending as much time outside in Central Oregon’s nature as possible.  On this episode she share the journey that took her from working at a ski lift in June Mountain to working at the Oscars with Wolfgang Puck to opening up West Side Taco Co. She also shares how she makes it through the tough times in life and why showing her sons what bravery looks like is what matters most.


You can show Amber your support by:

  • Following West Side on instagram @westsidetacoco and sending her a note about what this episode meant to you

  • Then Head over to West Side Taco Co’s location at Kobald Brewing to try a delicious taco for yourself.  Eat one for me, too! Tag Powerful Ladies & Westside when you share a pick eating one :)

  • Going to westsidetacoco.com and placing a catering order for your next event.

SHOW NOTES: Things We Mentioned

Redmond, OR

Roseburg, OR

Norco, OR

Mammoth Mountain

June Mountain

24 Hour Fitness

Le Cordon Bleu, Pasadena

Wolfgang Puck

Westside Taco Co

“When Your in Your 20’s Book” : So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion In the Quest for Work You Love by Cal Newport

LA Weekly “Tacolandia”

TCA Awards

Kobold Brewing The Tap House

Bend Bulletin

“Favors the Brave” quote: “Fortune Favors the Brave” - Ennius

Blue Pool - sorry can’t tell you where it is! ;)

Girl Wash Your Face, Rachel Hollis

Dutch Brothers

Proust - London Smog

Bend Rock Gym

Quotes from Amber:

“Don’t ever give up on anything that sets your soul on fire”

“I want all the brunch and all the mimosas”

“Be brave. Life’s too short to be afraid.”


Mammoth Mountain, June Mountain Lift Rider

24 Hour Fitness

Loan Officer

Culinary School

Oscars & Wolfgang Puck

Hotel Chef

Restaurant Chef

Stay At Home Mom

Private Chef

Meal Prepping for Cancer Patients

West Side Taco Co (catering)


New Brick & Mortar Restaurant Coming Soon!

Piano Lessons

Rock climbing

Local organic food & farming children’s book


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