Julie Podolec


Julie Podolec is the energetic, interested and passionate co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of The Modern Pop, a California fruit bar company based out of Laguna Beach, California. Born in New Jersey, sales, marketing and the relationships that make business happen have always come natural to her. Soon Julie found herself as part of a modern day power couple in New York City - her a leading sales professional and her husband in the financial industry. When her husband had an opportunity to relocate to Southern California for his work, they leapt at the opportunity for an adventure!

While enjoying life in Laguna Beach Julie welcomed their first child, a son, and found herself looking for more healthy options - especially in foods. When her son started teething she searched the frozen aisle for something free of added sugar or artificial flavors to sooth his sore gums. Everything had junk in it. Julie headed to her home kitchen to try to make her own.

Fast forward a few months to Julie selling home-made Modern Pop frozen fruit bars from a cart on wheels in downtown Laguna Beach. Seeing a huge opportunity to disrupt the frozen fruit bar world and to give parents like themselves a solution, Julie and her husband founded The Modern Pop.

As of 2018 The Modern Pop fruit bars were available in 2800 doors nationwide and as of 2019, they’re available in America coast to coast at locations such as Kroger, Safeway, Whole Foods and Publix to name a few. In July of 2019 they expanded their product offering to include creamy avocado based bars.

Now the mother of two, Julie loves that her job allows her to balance work and family. She also loves that her role as #1 Modern Pop promoter allows to her to make new friends on LinkedIn, at Tradeshows and with anyone who’s willing to hear about the new pops on the block.

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