JANE: A Documentary to Remind You What You're Capable of


By: Shae LaPlace

Jane is a 2017 National Geographic documentary detailing the life story of Jane Goodall. We’re all pretty familiar with her name, and a lot of us know who she is. Her story is the perfect example of a true powerful lady. Although she is well known for her research of chimpanzees, it is the story of how she challenged and revolutionized the scientific world entirely dominated by men. Jane Goodall had no real practical training, she went from secretary, to becoming a leader in her field. It was her groundbreaking research that changed the way that we see the natural world. 

This documentary is an empowering example of how a woman rose to the occasion, and ended up changing the world. Not only is this film an intimate portrait of her, and her life. The documentary shows how she handled each challenge of her life with grace and courage. She created a balance of life and love, all the while doing important revolutionary work. Jane Goodall is an ideal picture of a powerful lady. This film is a profound reflection of the power we have as woman to go where no woman, or man, has gone before, and achieve astonishing greatness. Whether you’re a powerful girl boss, an aspiring powerful lady, or somewhere in between, her story can inspire us all to fearlessly thrust forward in our field, and in our lives. Jane is a must-watch for anyone, but particularly for our Powerful Ladies.