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Coming Soon: Your One Day of Giving Event

Powerful Ladies’ One Day of Giving events are hosted around the world by women like you!

What type of event should you have?

  • Something you want to try. Ex: wine & art class

  • Something you already do. Ex: happy hour at your place

  • Something you’d like to do more of. Ex: hiking

How do you set it up?

  • Pick a date & time

  • Set up an Evite or Facebook event

  • Invite your friends and family.

  • Submit your event to Powerful Ladies to be included on our global map & get an exclusive One Day of Giving Host Kit! We’ll share about your event on our website, too!

Then what?

  • Have a great time! Relax. Let your hair down. Reconnect.

  • Collect a donation from each guest. We recommend starting at $10 or $20 dollars.

  • Submit what you raised to the Powerful Ladies fund