Janne Robinson


By: Shae LaPlace

Janne Robinson is a feminist poet making a serious splash. She uses her social media platform and her work, to share the raw, the intimate and the real. She is not afraid to talk about the uncomfortable issues, really… there’s not much she is afraid of at all. Her book ‘This Is For the Women Who Don’t Give a Fuck’ is page after page of reflections of her life, memories, and her soul. She presents even her most vulnerable moments with a fearless, and fierce sense of honesty. Much of the poetry in this book is framed through her relationships with men. However, it is not simply poems about love and lust. Janne drives much deeper into the intricacies of her thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

Janne has a distinct, and loyal social media following. She uses her Instagram as a major platform for her writing. Sharing photos, and videos of her life accompanied by captions that show off the strength of her soul. She also uses her stories to create dialog about societal expectations, and norms that we ought to be questioning. She shares slam poetry with her own voice. Giving her followers a unique insight into the rhythm of her writing and her voice.

She goes beyond just her writing and has been leading workshops all over the world in personal empowerment, sustainability, and life coaching. She teaches people who believe in her way of living, with a no bullshit coaching style to do the work. Helping them to overcome the grief, or fear, or whatever it is, and live the life they want. Janne serves as a gentle guide reminding people to hold space for themselves. Whether a surf retreat, or a Thought Catalog summit, Janne shows up with her whole heart, and humbly offers a hand.

Janne is honest, and true, and unafraid to share. Her kind of feminism, and activism calls us all to treat each other with kindness, and respect. In this, she intends to include all living things. She meets her critics with genuine response, and an open mind. When she makes a mistake, she calls herself out, opens up, and owns it. She is a writer we believe to truly be using her voice for good. She is one extremely Powerful Lady that we’re all going to be seeing a lot more of in the years to come.

Check out her Instagram, or buy her book Here.