Katie Hajec

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Katie Hajec is a real life business leader who truly cares. As the Director of People & Culture for an LA-based start-up, she spends every waking, and sometimes sleepless night, making sure that employees, leadership, vendors and outside partners are left feeling acknowledged and appreciated. No easy task in an ever changing digital based start-up.

Born and raised in Reno, Nevada Katie had the as-seen-on-t.v. American upbringing; a loving family, classic school experiences, a love of playing sports. Since a young age she’s been passionate about making sure people are heard, their stories told, and a drive of fairness and justice. Initially that translated into being a newspaper writer and after college jumped to doing communications for a non-profit. Then one Thanksgiving weekend while sharing a bottle of wine with her sister, decided to take a leap and move to San Diego.

Making the commitment to move was the first leap, the second was sending in a video application to a new start-up for a role that wasn’t totally clear when she found it on Craig’s list. Her moxie and gumption paid off, when the newly formed company agreed she’d be great for what they were creating. Going with the flow as her role changed and morphed between communication, hiring, team building, opening new offices, and more, eventually she found herself as the lead for people and culture and all things in traditional human resources world.

Working for the same founder at a new start-up, Katie’s relocated again this time to Los Angeles. Her role of being responsible for people and culture has never been more important in a city that despite it’s liberal views has been fumbling through the hot button issues of equality, harassment, and what’s politically correct at some of the biggest industry pillars. She’s not worried, in fact, she’s excited. To deep dive into what actually makes employees feel valued while growing a business is what lights her up. It makes the long hours and sometimes emotionally draining days worth it because she knows she’s making a difference and moving the work culture in the US forward.

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