Andrea Spinelli


Andrea Spinelli is many things - an activist, an entrepreneur, a family matriarch, a producer, an editor, a writer. Equal drives of curiosity, justice and story telling have guided her life since she’s been a child when she questioned the nuns at her school why only certain people could go to Catholic heaven. Also early in her life she fell in love with reading, writing and the power of words. She was an editor of newspapers at many of her schools and in college.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, she was raised in the northern New Jersey town of Fair Lawn by her Italian Catholic parents. Her much older sister lived around the corner with her husband and seven kids and her much older brother traveled with his three children between New York City and his farm in upstate New York. She was the aunt treated like a big sister or cousin due to the closeness in age to her nieces and nephews.

Raised in what some have called the Golden-Age of America following the end of World War II, Andrea’s life has chronicled the political and cultural climate of the 1950’s through today. Her childhood home was in a new post-war suburban community. In the 1960’s while in college her activism transformed from childhood injustices to the Vietnam War, Communism, and Gender Equality, including marching on the Pentagon in 1967. In the 1970’s she co-founded a studio with her husband as more women started joining the workforce and sadly became a solo female entrepreneur when her husband was killed fighting for his home country in the Yum Kippur War between Israel & Palestine in 1973.

She remarried and had a son, David Williams. In the 1980’s joined the army of single, divorced, working moms learning how to make it all work in a new culture of star wars, latch key kids and video games all while winning awards for her advertising productions. In the 1990’s Andrea navigated the impact of the technology boom on both her services and her client roster. 2001, she watched her beloved New York be attacked and fearful as her niece worked in Tower 2*. In 2017 she marched for freedom, equality, injustice, and against the new president who stood opposite to the values she’s stood up for since the early 60’s.

All through that time, Andrea has been consistent in surrounding herself with great people, especially her girlfriends who have all been best friends since high school and are power-houses of their own. Daphne is a leader at the Natural History Museum & Sloan Kettering. Lois is a family court judge. Pam is an attorney. Joanie is a leader at CIU, the Center for Inter-Religious Understanding.

As a journalist, a law student, a writer, a producer or an editor, Andrea has always been on a quest to discover and reveal truth, to transform injustice, and to save stories for future generations to know and remember all the great people who have paved the way.

Along her path she’s learned how to survive loss, the pressures of taking are of a family, and overcome decades of sexism in the corporate world. She still loves to tell stories. She still loves to laugh. She’s still hungry to create and record the stories that haven’t been told. Her company, Studio 27, has added a new service - family documentaries. Through this service Andrea and team will compile photos, videos, and interviews into a video time capsule perfect for anniversaries, milestones, and family archives.

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*Her beloved niece was able to escape from World Trade Center Tower 2 and survive the 9/11 attacks.