Gintel Gee

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Gintel Gee is a women focused on evolution - for herself, her communities, businesses, and our culture. She said, “If you’re not learning you’re kinda not living. Life is all about how you evolve over time. The world is always changing, there’s always new ideas out there and if you’re able to relate or see some potential in those ideas, that’s the best situation.” How true.

Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles she was exposed to two different family dynamics. On her father’s side, they were driven toward excellence, higher eduction and service founded in the military service. On her mother’s side, there had been less traditional opportunities and they had become experts at hustle, being resourceful and finding joy no matter what life was throwing at you. It’s a foundation that’s driving Gintel ever since. Her own journey an example of navigating between high expectations and discipline on the left and freedom, fluidity and creativity on the right. We say the balance suits her.

She was a double major at Cal State Channel Island in art and political science. Culture and creativity are at her essence. Design for the sake of creating beauty. Design at the sake of making new communities. Design at the sake of understanding different industries, people and needs.

She interned at a series of art galleries in Los Angeles including Grind Gallery, worked on club flyers and then transitioned to a graphic designer for L.A. based streetwear brand Dime Piece and many other known brands. As technology started to become one with retail and ecommerce, she saw an opportunity to jump into UI/UX design where she could be the curator for the customer experience and digital relationship with brands. UI/UX is not where you typically find women or minorities, and Gintel didn’t really care. Sure she noticed that she was an outlier and she spent her energy on learning this new craft & learning customers from a new perspective.

From her mother’s side of the family, Gintel has always respected and appreciated the hard work and dedication of people, especially women, who are out creating their own businesses based upon every-day trades. It was her aunts who supported their families through hair & braiding and building their business communities who inspired her latest venture, Follic Beauty Lab, a place to find your hair type & how to best find your style inside of community.