Adeline Bondu


Adeline Bondu is awesome. She’s smart and cool and fun and beautiful and cares about people. She travels the world to fun and glamorous locations both for work and on holidays with her handsome surf-loving husband. She lives just outside of Barcelona, Spain - perhaps the coolest city on the planet. She’s also the first to call herself a nerd - being super organized, loving to read, and totally obsessed with her cat. Now she’s in the process of transforming her passion into her career. In summary, she’s the type of woman we hope to be like when we grow up.

Adeline was born in southern France and then upon graduating from university, started to travel the world. She moved to Japan to teach English and then to Switzerland to work in the luxury watch and jewelry world. Then she landed in Germany working for sportswear giant, Puma. It’s there that she really started to blossom into her true self. Surrounded by fellow ex-pats from all over the world, working in the streetwear industry, and traveling farther and wider than before, while in Germany she started to find space to expand her definition of herself. Raised to be the classic French good girl, she put a lot of pressure on herself. Stress, shyness, doubt, and having to do things the right way were always underneath all the brave and bold choices she’d made. Then she started to see people she related to and trusted doing brave things, taking risks and standing up for themselves. She thought why not me? Small bold choices, even if mimicking those she admired at first, started to add up. Her life started to become more magical.

She met her husband and quickly fell in love. They moved to Barcelona. Women at work there saw her as the confident, brave peer and leader. Then she tried yoga. Not the way most of us try yoga, by going to a class here or there. She went from thinking yoga was lame to diving directly into a full week holiday of teacher training. She fell in love with yoga. Everything she tried before to tackle the stress in her life was something to cover it up or to ignore it. Yoga was a solution to make it if not go away, to become a soft noise in the background. This was a game changer.

Adeline soon lead her first yoga workshop. The preparation, the thoughtfulness, and the authenticity she brought as the teacher had participants in tears and for the first time truly getting yoga. From this experience Adeline knew this was it. There was something in this workshop and the ability to connect with people and provide them with new opportunities to find peace in their life that she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

By day she is working in marketing in the sport & lifestyle world and by night she is teaching yoga and crafting her vision for what’s next - what it looks like to bring all of her passions together to help others find stress relief, find self acceptance, and bring more joy into their lives. We can’t wait to see what’s next!