Jamie Bartley


Jamie Bartley is always up for an adventure.

Born and raised in Fountain Valley, California, her upbringing was the classic southern California middle class experience. Great times with family & friends, enjoying the sunshine, and life being good.

Her spirit has always been light, happy and a yes to what life makes available. She’s happy to see you. She creates a safe space to share what’s really going on. She genuinely cares about the people in her life and balances having as much fun as possible while also always looking to grow. She’s a person that appears to live life without many walls and it’s contagious.

All within the first three months of 2019 she became a wife, a stepmother and gave birth to her son, Wyatt. She’s the only new mother I’ve ever heard of to keep the tradition with her girlfriends to work both weekends of Coachella as a bartender. Exactly, badass. After years of traveling around the world including India and Cuba with girlfriends, starting & closing (at least temporarily) her own business, and the formation of her brand new beautiful family, she swears she’s ready to slow down for a while. We’ll see ;)

Jamie is part of the Miracle Sisters book club dedicated to supporting the follow members in personal growth, support and leaning in on what it looks like to manifest and believe that miracles and magic really do happen. Reach out to her to hear what amazing things have happened in her life as a result!

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