Madelyn Golgart


Madelyn Golgart is a women who knows what it means to create the life you want. Born in the Bronx and raised in Queens, she used to watch sophisticated and glamorous airline stewardesses waiting for the bus to JFK airport in her neighborhood and think, that will be me someday. Sure enough she started working for American Airlines.

As a stewardess traveling to Los Angeles, she’d think, “I’m going to live in California someday.” She made it happen.

A lot of her drive and resourcefulness can be attributed to her New York upbringing and it’s embedded passion and perseverance. It’s also credit to the hard times that she’s faced. She grew up within a strict, conservative, religious immigrant family with traditional expectations. She went through a hard divorce.

Madelyn always knows that she can figure it out. She’s smart, she’s determined, and she works her ass off. Since landing in Laguna Beach she’s living the life she used to dream about. She married to an amazing and supportive husband. Their house has stunning sunset and ocean views. She has her own company as a successful loan officer where she puts her bilingual skills to use helping people live their American dream. Her friend group is large and loyal and the perfect community in which Madelyn can express her free spirit side. The idyllic beach life isn’t slowing her down, though! She continues to seek what’s next for her personal growth and professional interests.

Madelyn is part of the Miracle Sisters book club dedicated to supporting the follow members in personal growth, support and leaning in on what it looks like to manifest and believe that miracles and magic really do happen. Reach out to her to hear what amazing things have happened in her life as a result!

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