Jennifer Weg


Jen Weg loves her dog Butters. With her demanding job and full schedule managing Global Creative Marketing for Film at Netflix, plus her side hustle as the founder of Soapbox LA, she was advised against getting a dog. In true boss lady fashion, she ignored the well meaning advice and got a dog anyway. It’s one of the best decisions she’s ever made, especially as a boost to mental health. Who doesn’t love coming home to dog cuddles?

As the Global Creative Marketing for Film at Netflix Jen oversees trailers and marketing promoting new Netflix original films. That means she gets to work on projects such as Roma, Birdbox, and Beasts of No Nation. Prior to working in the original films team, she worked in documentary films and series covering releases such as Last Chance U and Icarus, as well as award campaigns, such as Stranger Things Season 1 for the Emmy’s.

Long before Netflix, Jen was a recent college graduate struggling to find a job in the recession. She reached out to every person she knew, every person they knew, every contact she had ever had even the slightest conversation with. Finally she got an opening at tech start up in marketing analytics. It wasn’t her dream job in the entertainment industry, but it was a job and a job at an amazing company. It also turned out to be exactly the starting point on her map to her ideal job.

From that first marketing start up, she then moved on to work at Paramount, Open Road Films, and then Netflix called. As any woman who has spent her career in entertainment in Los Angeles, she had experienced her own share of inappropriate, age discriminating, gender discriminating and abusive moments. What kept her sane through the ups and downs of work, plus these experiences were the amazing women she had met along the way. Now at Netflix she wanted to keep those connections going, so she sent out a few emails to the women she knew in the industry asking them to meet up for a drink and a chat. Everyone replied with a yes and Soapbox LA was born.

Soapbox LA is an organization committed to empowering, protecting and promoting women in the entertainment, creative advertising, and marketing industries. What started out as about twenty women has grown to quarterly meet ups of hundreds and a member email list of over 1000. Soapbox LA started just prior to the #MeToo movement exploding globally and rocking the LA entertainment world. Today it’s even more important to have groups like Soapbox LA for women to have a place to be in community, share what’s going on for them, find mentors and most importantly have a safe space to discuss changing the industry from the inside out with fellow sister in arms.

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