Jordan Duffy


Jordan Duffy is a BOSS. She smart & tough and has the voice of an opera singer. That’s not a joke. She could be an opera singer with her vocal range. Since she’s been a kid, she’s been drawn to music. She’s so unassuming and then her voice would come out and the room would stop. She knows how to play guitar, piano, and a whole bunch of other instruments as she’s always adding new ones. She’s a natural singer songwriter.

Jordan moved around her whole life, graduating from Worcester State University in Worcester, Massachusetts receiving her a B.A. in Visual and Performing Arts. She always continued to write and create new songs. Knowing she wanted to have more control over how her own music would sound, she enrolled at Recording Connection where she earned her audio engineering certification and worked at TNT Studios in Louisville, Kentucky. During that time she started working as the engineer, editor and music composer of the Level Up Lore podcast, while also working full time at a cable design agency. Yup, she knows how to hustle.

Her crazy oldest sister knew that living in the midwest was no place for a rising star like Jordan, so she told her it was time to lean into the big life waiting for her and move to California. Upon relocating, Jordan was hired at one of the top podcasting studios in the world and became one of, if not the, first female audio engineers in the industry. Her first month she was asked to speak on a Women in Podcasting panel! BOOM. Now she spends her days mingling with celebrities and her nights working on the Powerful Ladies podcast.

She’s beautiful. She’s uber talented. She’s super smart. We love her.

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