Amber Amos

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Amber Amos is a badass. She is the definition of hustler, of heart and just oozes love for food, for people, and for making a difference. She’s a great reminder of how many hours there really are in a day. Everyone who interacts with Amber is left inspired, motivated, and ready to be in action.  There are no room for excuses when you’re up-to-something you love. That’s how she lives her life every day.

Born in Oregon, raised in Norco, CA, and now living back in central Oregon, Amber knows what it’s like to work for your dreams. Growing up her family struggled. The experiences from her childhood left her committed to treat everyone with respect and to make the lives of everyone she meets brighter, easier and less hungry.

Today, Amber is the owner and chef of Westside Taco Co. Her carnitas tacos took 2nd place at the LA Weekly’s Tacolandia. West Side Taco Co voted 3rd best restaurant in Bend just months after opening up shop Oregon and not even being located in Bend! When not creating ridiculously delicious tacos such as the Blueberry Brisket Tacos, she’s a great mom of two boys spending as much time outside in Central Oregon’s nature as possible.  Her journey to chef-entrepreneur started when she left Norco after high school to be a ski lift operator at June Mountain. She then worked as a personal trainer and then a loan officer. Finally she decided to follow her passion for food and attend Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena which lead to working at the Oscars with Wolfgang Puck. After school she worked as a hotel chef, at restaurants, took a pause to be a stay at home mom and then started up again as a private chef who also meal prepped for cancer patients.

Her journey is far from over as she’s always looking to expand WestSide and is working on a new restaurant concept as well. Amber represents what it means to be a YES to life. Yes to the opportunity. Yes to figuring it all out. Yes to living life on her terms and bringing as many people with her on her rise to the top.