Kendra Eaton


Kendra Eaton is unstoppable. She’s is her twenties, has a high powered full time job, is a homeowner, the HOA president, and is an entrepreneur with two businesses. And we’re not talking about hobby businesses. These are two companies with a staff and an office and generating serious income.  Total boss lady. As a kid she was diagnosed with ADD and today is using that gift to her advantage.

Born and raised in Newport Beach, CA, Kendra is what many would consider lucky for the lot she was given at birth. What’s remarkable about Kendra is that she is clear about where she comes from and the privileges she’s been given and is out to both make a name for herself as well as to carve her own path. She’s always worked hard, especially after being diagnosed with ADD, and perhaps the greatest gift her upbringing has given her is being raised in a family with a leader in the Landmark leadership and transformation education. It would be easy to ride the coat tails of being born and raised in Newport Beach, but when you’re taught at a young age the impact you can make and that you are able to write your own destiny, well you can’t but choose a life of creating.

Kendra left California to attend Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, TX for an economic degree and never looked back.  Always one to think “I can do that”, when a friend wanted custom gear for a Charleston bachelorette party, Kendra signed on to make it and just like that Sprinkled With Pink was born. Their first product, the custom floppy beach hat, still remains their best-seller and the business has grown into a full-scale bachelorette accessory shop with all of your essentials for bachelorette parties, weddings and girls’ weekends.

People forget that being profitable is the #1 factor in having a successful business, but not Kendra with her day job in finance. As the years past and she stayed on budget, her business quickly grew to needing to hire a production staff, then get an office space, and most recently to hire a full time manager. Always looking for additional business opportunities in 2018 she created Dapper Dog, a customized dog and dog-parent product business. A new dog mom herself she knew the market was huge for dog accessories.

When not working her day job or working on her two businesses. Kendra spends time with her live-in also an entrepreneur boyfriend and her large group of friends - either having cocktails on the Dallas patio scene, meeting up in a destination like Miami for another bachelorette party, or visiting back in Newport Beach.

Like all entrepreneurs, Kendra’s always looking for balance between work, fun and wellness. We’re confident this boss lady on the rise will have plenty of time to figure out her ideal life balance all while succeeding at every turn.

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