Renee Colvert


This amazing woman turned her love of petting stranger’s dogs into your and Oprah’s favorite podcast, the Can I Pet Your Dog? Podcast.

Being a podcast co-host was not on her life plan when she was growing up in Colorado Springs, CO. After competing in statewide musical theater competitions and doing very well, she landed performing roles at theme parks. Then a role brought her to New York City and to pursue her dreams of being on Broadway. While performing at night, she started to getting into fitness & running by day and became a personal trainer. Eventually life brought her to Los Angeles where she became a full time personal trainer and started creating running training programs for people who want to run in races and marathons. That lead to writing about running, which transformed into writing for Hello Giggles and Since she’s written for television, theme park theater, and more.

In 2015 when Travis McElroy was looking for a running training program to prepare him for a race, she made a kismet offer to trade a running program for podcasting lessons. Then before she knew it she and her co-host Allegra Ringo were recording their first episode of Can I Pet Your Dog? with Lin Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame as their first guest. Yes, these are things that only happen in LA. Quickly the podcast was awarded “Podcasts that Make you Happy” by Oprah Magazine as well as Pop Culture Happy Hour from NPR.

When the podcast started she was a dog-wanter and now is the proud dog mom of Tugboat a lively and adorable spirit with the fur of a fancy stuffed animal, who of course provides lots of fodder for the podcast. While podcast co-host may be her 5th or 6th career thus far, she’s still always adding credentials to her resume including podcast panelist, actor, comedian and proud supporter of female podcasters everywhere. Committed to following things that interest her and bring her joy, we’re excited to see what’s next for the warm, entertaining, humble and great human that is Renee Colvert.