Episode 12 : Lisa Ledezma

I was a woman ready to fight. I was battling for my kids, my husband, my home. Because I knew that I knew my job. I spent 10 years prior to that studying what FHA stood for. All I’ve been doing is helping people build their homes, I’m not here to break people’s homes down. I’m a builder. I’m a person who believes in a strong foundation. My word is who I am.
— Lisa Ledezma

Lisa Ledezma is your average American woman. She’s a divorced mom of three, she lives in suburbia, she’s a soccer coach, and has a career as a loan officer.  She’s spent decades working to help the latino population in her communities have financial literacy, buy a home and have the American dream. Then one day she was accused of mortgage fraud.  On this episode she shares for the first time her story of being swept up in the financial crisis, how it’s impacted her life, and what she learned as a result.