Bry Zaragoza


Bry Zaragoza is the person who wakes up at 4am or earlier so that she can meet with a client to ensure they get their workout in before heading to the office. She’s committed to the her clients, her friends and her family living their best life possible and doing everything she can to make sure their mind, body and spirit are at balance along the way.

Raised in Long Beach, California, to a dancer mother, Bry was born with the love of dancing in her blood. She started dancing at age two and by age sixteen she was teaching her first dance classes. She started working professionally and then her international dance tour dreams came true when she joined Michael Flatley’s Celtic Tiger dance show. After the tour ended, twenty years of dancing started to take it’s toll on her body and she found personal training as path to rebuild herself and guide others. At the same time, she found RhetOracle Dance Company where she found her dance family and freedom to express her dance creativity from production, choreography, and dancing.

Following her intuition and listening to her body, Bry continued to be curious and learn more about the mind, body and emotional connection. Simultaneously unsatisfied with the status quo of fitness, body image expectations, and frustrations with healing practices, she began to read, learn and take classes on whole body connection. The result of which added mobility & movement specialist and certified yoga teacher to her personal training services. With each client, Bry takes a 360 body approach to balance strengths and weaknesses as well as to solve chronic pain from the hidden root cause be it physical or emotional.

In addition to being amazing at her job, Bry is a great wife to her husband Tony and dog mom to their chihuahua Paco. When not at the gym with clients you can find her camping, hiking, and doing everything she can to enjoy being outside in nature and spending time with her family & friends. Bry is mindful, caring, fun, loyal, smart, talented, and one of the best humans on the planet.

Bry also hosted one of the most talked about One Day of Giving events from our first year in 2016, a “War of the Worlds” team activity challenge that had guests doing partner relay races and other fitness challenges for championship glory all while wearing costumes representing historical warriors from around the world.