Jenna Boutin Adamo


Jenna Boutin Adamo is a firecracker. She’ll tell you “where the bear shits in the buckwheat” and you never need wonder where she stands on an issue. She’s loyal, wicked smart and hilarious. Born and raised in Sidney, Maine with her parents and two sisters, her childhood was typical New England. Falls spent playing field hockey and avoiding leaf-pepping traffic, summers spent out on the lake, snowy winters and lots of delicious Maine lobster.

Jenna attended Clark University in Worcester, MA with the expectation to go on to law school where she could satisfy her appreciation for winning, being a boss, and simultaneously making a difference. When she landed in Commercial Insurance she was presently surprised. Not only was it a world she was familiar with from her mother’s insurance career, it checked the same boxes she was hoping for in regards to strict rules to follow, opportunities for her to be a great boss lady, and genuinely making a difference for business owners and their customer’s safety. This career choice also allowed her to move back to Maine, where she’s lived ever since.

One of the things that makes Jenna unique is her passion for democracy, fixing what’s wrong and standing up for what’s right. If she runs for office, the Powerful Ladies team will not be surprised and believe she would be a great candidate. She’s articulate, lead by reason, listens and her thoughtful perspectives consider micro to macro impact and effect for the long term. Until then, she’s speaking her mind within her local communities and writing to her elected officials from her home just outside of Portland, Maine that she shares with her husband, two sons, and dog Baila.

It’s inevitable growing up in New England that you’ll score high on an Are You Preppy? quiz and Jenna is no exception with her love of Monogram, L.L.Bean, Field Hockey, and only-in-Maine slang. See how Preppy You Are with this Powerful Ladies Quiz.

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