Victoria Varon


Victoria Varon is here to change your world. Once she realized her purpose was to give to and empower others, she’s been brining her vision to life. She’s the founding president of Elevate Leadership Community a non-profit providing experiential workshops for people to transform their lives. Seeing additional opportunities specifically for women, she co-founder of Transformational Tribe Experience which brings women together to for a weekend to focus on themselves and find community through focusing body, beauty and balance.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to two immigrant travel loving parents - her mother from Cuba and her father from Belize, Victoria grew up loved and with high expectations. Her father would often reminder that she was named after Queen Victoria and it was a name to live up to. Her father also passed on his sense of adventure and a “if not us, who?” approach to life. He was a member of the pararescue military service and then one day while working for an oil company volunteered to take a position at their new plant opening in Ghana. Living abroad changed Victoria’s life forever equally instilling her love of travel and the knowledge that people are at the heart of it the same.

Victoria found herself as a single mother looking to realign her life to her dreams, when she was invited to a workshop to guide her back to her true self. It was a weekend that would change her life forever. She instantly fell in love with the work being taught, and left with clarity to chase after a new career and to find the man of her dreams. She succeed in both and along the way discovered her mission of giving to and empowering others.

Today she lives in San Diego with her amazing husband with whom she shares a real estate company (yes, her third active business) and membership in the Porsche Club of San Diego, of which she is the president. In addition to excelling as a passionate entrepreneur, she also loves spending time with her daughter and enjoying all of the national parks within Porsche driving distance of her home.

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