Episode 27 : Jenna Boutin Adamo

Maintaining your integrity in a competitive landscape, whatever that competition is, is hard. Its very hard. And if you can do it, that’s a victory .
— Jenna Boutin Adamo

Jenna Boutin Adamo is a wife, mother & one of my best friends. She’s a firecracker, she’s wicked smart, and an everyday social justice warrior. On this episode she shares how she found career fulfillment in the last place she thought possible, why we need everyone to speak up for what you believe in, and why breast feeding is for the birds. Also super exciting and as promised, we dive into all the different types of insurance you need and the ones you can ignore.

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SHOW NOTES: Things we mentioned:
Clark University
Field Hockey
Sangie = Sandwich
Scheppit = something small
Sidney, Maine
Agusta, Maine
Portland, Maine
Janet Tinker
Worcester, MA
Commercial Insurance
Commercial Lines Underwriter
The “BHP” Beacon Hill Pub
The Original Preppy Handbook
Preppy Handbook V2
Nantucket Reds
Lilly Pulitzer
Are You Preppy Checklist
New Zealand
Costa Rica
60 Minutes
Lauren Goode
The Today Show
Dave Ramsey
The Ultimate Insurance Checklist for Powerful Ladies


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Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic