Jessica Niblett


Jessica Niblett is a rock. She’s focused, works her ass off, always has a calendar filled to the max, and still finds time to spend with her boyfriend of 10 years, see her friends and travel the world. After working a 60 hour week, she’ll come home and tackle major home renovations over a weekend. She’s that level of get shit done.

Jessica grew up in Central Valley, California - near Bakersfield & Fresno.  Classic farm country California where everyone works hard, real hard, and is expected at church on Sundays. When she was in the 5th grade she moved to Orange County, California and spent her college years in beautiful Santa Barbara. Looking for something different and adventurous she then spent time in Whistler snowboarding.

When Jessica returned to California she started in event planning pretty quickly, where she met & fell in love with her boyfriend of over ten years, Josh. On her to-do list is to be a planner for the Olympic games. So, while working and traveling crazy hours with her day jobs, she also added freelancing for big sporting events such as the NCAA Final Four and the Super Bowl. She knows the value in adding career collateral to not just make her resume stand out, but so that she can build the experience and connects to get her one step closer to her Olympic dream.

When not working, Jessica & Josh spend a lot of time with their friends and family - hosting at their house, weekend camping trips, quick trips to Vegas, and sneaking in world travel whenever possible.

Jessica is part of the Miracle Sisters book club dedicated to supporting the follow members in personal growth, support and leaning in on what it looks like to manifest and believe that miracles and magic really do happen. Reach out to her to hear what amazing things have happened in her life as a result!

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