Lisa Ledezma


Lisa Ledezma is the modern face of the American woman. She is multi-ethnic. She bilingual. She’s a divorced single mom. She coaches youth soccer. She works full time as a mortgage generator. She supports her community by teaching financial literacy and how to achieve the classic American dream.

Then one day during the financial crisis of the late 2000’s, after just landing in Virginia for a family vacation her then husband calls to tell her she’s being accused of mortgage fraud. Thus began a two year journey through the legal system, self-doubt, being shunned by the community, fighting to survive and clear her name.

As well explained in the movie The Big Short, a primary cause of the financial crisis was mortgages being approved to risky borrowers who under prior regulations wouldn’t have been offered a loan and as such were offered super risky loans. Once the crisis occurred, prosecutors globally were looking for who was at fault. Lisa was swept up into that search.

Coming out on the other side of being falsely accused, you would expect someone to leave the industry that had caused them the grief. Instead, Lisa felt further convicted to build her mortgage business and ensure her community was informed on the mortgage system, financial literacy, and why fighting for what you believe in is always important.

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