Lacey Haegen


Lacey Haegen is a woman on a mission to transform your skin and your bathroom cupboards from full of toxins to natural, healthy, & glowing through her handmade all natural skin & body care company Beaute Nouveau. Her own glowing skin and happy disposition are a testament to her products results.

Born in Michigan and then raised between Alaska and the Bay Area, Lacey has fond memories of being surrounded by bohemian creative women growing up. Her grandmother was a watercolor painter.  Her aunt was a concert pianist. Her mother created her own monogram business from nothing at twenty-six as a single mother with Lacey in tow working with clients such as William Sonoma. Her whole life she was encouraged to go explore, get into kid mischief, be creative and perhaps most importantly to be resourceful.

She fell in love with the artistic transformation of makeup working at the Clinic and Origins counter at Macy’s and then the Chanel counter. While earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in sociology, she also became a professional makeup artist. She loved seeing peoples faces after they had their makeup done. The look when they felt beautiful.

After moving to San Diego and marrying, she and her husband started doing everything possible to reduce the symptoms of his psoriasis. They did elimination diets. They did stress relief programs. Everything the doctor recommended they tried. After becoming hyperaware of the toxins in the food and environment that could be affecting him, she turned to her bathroom cabinets and was horrified. Every cream, cleanser, lotion, soap, mascara, shampoo was full of synthetic and/or toxic junk. In that moment she decided to try to make a few products by hand to see if she couldn’t create something effective, non-toxic, and natural.

From her kitchen Beaute Nouveau was born with her first products created in 2006. Today all the products are still handmade by Lacey and they’re sold all over the U.S. The company mission is “to create thoughtful and lovingly hand-crafted artisan beauty products made only from ingredients derived from plants, flowers, trees, milk and bees. We always strive to create the absolute best product with the highest concentration of meaningful ingredients, and never add junk fillers or extra water to make a product more profitable. We also never test our ingredients or finished products on animals.”

Knowing that creating skin and body care products was only part of the solution to transform a women’s skin routine and not yet wanting to expand her product offering, she then created This online shop includes all of her favorite natural and non-toxic makeup and beauty products from brands she trusts and has validated.

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