Sandy Zhao-Ran Ji


Sandy is energetic, smart and exciting, just like the plant-based biodegradable glitter brand she’s created, EarthShine Glitter.  She’s also your modern American success story.

Born in Northern China, her early years were spent with her mother and grandparents while her father attended university in Canada. Years laters after they were able to obtain visas, she and her mother joined her father first in Ottawa and then Toronto. Just in time for high school, they immigrated again to Palo Alto, California, USA.  

Always creative and resourceful upcycling the hand-me-downs she was given growing up, at an early age she became interested in the fashion industry. She moved to LA to fulfill this passion going to fashion design & merchandising school. Quickly after graduating she started working in the industry at LA fashion labels such as BCBG and Forever 21. As she moved up in the US fashion world, she started to struggle with the impacts fashion has on the world - financially, economically, environmentally, and socially. At about the same time she started participating in the festival scene with close ties to leave-no-trace environmental policies. Suddenly her passions for environmentalism and fashion were in conflict. She knew she had to find a way for them both to exist.

From that was born EarthShine Glitter. A plant-based, biodegradable, FDA cosmetic compliant super-soft glitter. Now she and all of us can find guilt-free joy in our love of all things glitter.

While growing EarthShine Glitter, she continues to work in the consumer products world focusing on product merchandising and e-commerce and modernizing fashion companies to the new online world. She married to the man behind Paul G Sandwiches and lives in LA.

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