Lauren Bond


Lauren Bond (Kelly) is a college professor teaching reading and writing. She was born in Long Beach, California and grew up in Moreno Valley, California with her brother, mom and dad. It was natural that Lauren became a teacher as she started teaching “classes” to her stuffed animals as a kid and grew up with both of her mother being a teacher and then her father becoming an elementary school teacher after retiring from a golf career.

Growing up Lauren was always energetic playing lots of sports, playing instruments in band, doing well in school and finding time for her beloved reading. She met her husband, Matthew, while she was in college and he was studying to get his PHD in English. Through a conversation with Matt and one of his professors, interested was sparked in Lauren to start taking some elective English classes, which eventually lead to her going to Cal State Fullerton to get her Masters Degree in English.

When she and Matt got engaged, they made not only a commitment to each other, but to a life that was balanced and healthy. In addition to their shared interest in learning, teaching, books, music and festivals, they created what they call their ‘Marriage Diet’ a life time commitment to health and fitness. While Matt had always been a runner, Lauren started to enjoy running on their midnight runs together. Eventually they built up to 1/2 Marathons, Tough Mudders, Spartan Races and all sorts of other fun runs they could find. In addition to running they practice yoga, rock climb and mix in weight lifting.

Lauren’s contribution to their Marriage Diet is her love for cooking, which she uses as her creative outlet. Food being one of her favorite things, she’s brought conversations about food into her classroom. Books such as Eating Animals have been the reading materials for her classes, allowing students to be engaged, learn something about culture and continue to practice their reading and writing.

When not teaching, you can find Lauren and Matt attending festivals, have friends over for dinner, and working on their garden. Today Lauren lives with her husband Matt and their new son Julian in Redlands, California.

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