Dr. Lynsi Lewis


Lynsi Lewis is a modern doctor who is bringing the balance she’s found in her own life to her practice. Growing up on a farm in small town Enterprise, Alabama, she assumed the only way to help heal people was through traditional medicine. When it came time for college she attended Philadelphia College of Medicine in Georgia only to realize traditional medicine didn’t allow her to help heal people in all the ways she hoped.

She began exploring what her path should be and along the way ended up in San Diego. Upon arriving, she quickly found a large group of friends practicing and participating in alternative lifestyles, healing, and self expression. While always exploring what was her authentic path, even in Alabama, Lynsi felt free to truly explore what called to her in her new home.

She got certified as a yoga teacher. She explored different diets that made her feel her best. She started attending music festivals, Burning Man, Red Tent meet ups, Full Moon parties, and more. She started to see patterns of health between food, stress, sleep, being self expressed and having a great circle of friends. Being surrounded by her own vibrant community inspired her and in all paths her possibility as a healer was proven as truth.

Lynsi went back to school at the Pacific College of Chinese Medicine where she could balance eastern and wester healing. Always being passionate about women’s health and mental health, this education allowed her to bring a whole body philosophy with modern and ancient wisdom. Today she is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, an acupuncturist, an herbalist and a yoga teacher practicing out of San Diego, CA. She practices Qigong Meditation. She takes time for herself and her patients to work on preventative methods of medicine instead of only worrying about reducing symptoms. She’s honored to be of service helping people heal and step into their healthiest, happiest life.

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