Curiosity Is Where It All Begins

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If I had to pick one thing that is the catalyst to living your best life, I would say it’s curiosity and I’m not alone. "Curiosity is one of the great secrets to happiness,” Bryant H. McGill. “Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own,” Anonymous. “Curiosity is the engine of achievement,” Ken Robinson. “When your curious you find lots of interesting things to do,” Walt Disney.

We’re at such an amazing time in the history of humanity. We literally have everything a human could want to know, learn, or understand at our fingertips. We can fly not just to anywhere on Earth, but very soon to near by moons and planets as well - thank you Virgin Galactic and Space X. With the boom of the podcast, we can also listen, learn and multi-task all at the same time increasing our productivity and learning simultaneously. Especially for you over achievers out there.

NPR’s TED Radio Hour is one of the best podcasts for when you're looking to learn, be inspired, and get your brain going on all cylinders. Hosted by Guy Raz, also the host of How I Built This and many other NPR podcast hits, TED Radio Hour takes a topic and looks at it across multiple TED Talks and deep dives with those guests with additional interviews. It covers personal development, psychology, science, culture, anthropology and more. Each episode explores our world, our selfs, and the universe. You’re guaranteed to learn at least one new fun fact if not an entire trivia game worth each listen.

Learning is so applicable to finding your purpose, your passion and what matters to you. So often when someone reaches out to me unsure what their career should be or what their passions in life are, my first advice is to get out and start learning new things. Taking a class, meeting new people, volunteering for an organization all can open up new ideas or curiosities that you didn’t know you had. Our world and life is full of so many amazing opportunities for us to be fulfilled and contribute. How are you supposed to find your path or paths, if you don’t get out and explore what lights you up?

When funds or access is limited turning to what’s available on podcasts and the internet are great resources. TED Radio Hour is as great as a starter podcast as it is to keep in your library as you expand.

If you’re looking to learn about space, or how motivation works, or accepting rejection, or anything you’re looking to learn or understand, TED Radio Hour is a great place to start. Thank you Guy for being curious and creating this show so that we can all be smarter, more informed and discover what else we are fascinated by.

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