Practice Self Love & Feed Your Soul With This Gem

It’s possible to practice self-love by listening to a podcast. Feed your soul, warm your heart and be inspired all at once with this top Powerful Ladies recommended podcast.

Oprah is in the Powerful Lady Hall of Fame. We all know this. Her own story, her success, and how she is the most badass interviewer of maybe all time. There are few others who can get someone to jump on a couch with joy and share horrifying life moments with grace, easy and understanding. A sign of a Powerful Lady is that they share what they’ve learned along their path with others and Oprah does this is spades across all of her platforms.

Almost every guest on the Powerful Ladies Podcast has listed Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations as on the podcasts they love and always find inspiration from. Her entire Super Soul TV assortment is a gift to everyone creating their own path, looking for self discovery, and wanting to live their best life. It’s pretty impossible to not binge listen to this podcast or start ordering every book that’s recommended.

What’s beautiful about this series is how compassion and understanding is at the forefront. Discovering the power within yourself and in others is it’s focus. The topics it covers are big and meaty and needed to discussed, while also being approachable, safe, and full of love.

The human story is so fascinating. It’s also so inspiring. Listen to an episode of Super Soul Conversations and you’ll be left giving yourself and others more grace, optimistic about the future, and ready to spread your love & power around to make a positive impact. All things we love, encourage and support here at Powerful Ladies.

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