Happiness Is Petting a Dog


We often make finding happiness overly complicated. Then we found the Can I Pet Your Dog? podcast.

Who doesn’t love petting a dog? Or meeting a dog? Or dog news? Well Powerful Ladies Renee Colvert & Allegra Ringo love all that and have, at the time of this post, recorded over 170 episodes of pure doggy joy. So much joy they are recommended by Oprah Magazine.

What does petting dogs have to do with being a Powerful Lady? The quote used to be “stop and smell the roses” and we’re upgrading it to “stop and pet the puppy.” Being a Powerful Lady isn’t about always focusing on deadlines and rushing to complete your goals and being so strict with your schedule that you don’t have time to breath or time to ask, “Can I pet your dog?”.

We all need these small grand moments of what looks like doing ‘nothing’ on the agro scale of accomplishing to find peace, simple joys, and shut off our brain. You might be a master achiever, but if you’re not balancing that with being a master of joy & laughter you’re missing the intention of being a human at its greatest.

It’s always a gamble trying out a new podcast and with Can I Pet Your Dog? within 2 minutes I was smiling. It’s light, interesting and informative all at once. You can’t listen to an episode without thinking about all your own pet memories. My brain opened up one of the back filing cabinets of memory upon listening and I started to remember stories of Bandit and my dogs growing up that I hadn’t thought of in years.

Allegra & Renee cover dog news, dog breeds, personal dog interaction stories, and also have amazing guests on such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, of Hamilton fame, and Nicole Byer, comedian and host of Netflix’s Nailed it!

This is the perfect podcast to feel great about the world, for a walking meditation, or to listen to when you’re having a bad day. Include it into your podcast rotation and you’ll be so happy you did. While you’re at it, let us know how many dogs you’ve started petting since!

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