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Looking for a podcast where you can meet cool & inspiring people? What about a podcast that will motivate you to DO IT THIS YEAR? Or maybe a podcast that will give you the actual steps on how to make shit happen?

Great news! The Powerful Ladies Podcast is for you!!

Host Kara Duffy, Powerful Ladies founder, sits down with people from all walks of life, referred to the Awesome & the Up-To-Something, to tell their story, what they’ve learned, and how they go there. Guest include entrepreneurs, chefs, dancers, yoga instructors, product merchandisers, writers, authors, moms, athletes, boss ladies, adventurers, scientists and pretty much anyone that has a cool story to tell.

They talk about….

  • how they grew up

  • their career journey

  • best practices

  • their opinions of current culture and politics

  • what it means to be a Powerful Lady

  • how to get through the hard times

  • how to find your purpose and what it looks like

  • their daily habits to be at their best

  • recommendations including books, tools, courses, podcasts and habits

Everyone has a story to tell and this podcast is a great example of how there are so many unknown non-celebrity badasses out there that we’d all be better off knowing about and following along with. Episode 1 features Elizabeth McGarry who might be the coolest fashion designer and mom on the planet. Episode 2 features Ali Owens author, motivational speaker and woman on a mission to turn our energy away from focusing on changing our bodies, but worry instead about changing the world.

The podcast is equally relaxed and serious, fun and intentional. Super cool is that the producer, audio engineer and editor of the podcast is Kara’s sister. Jordan Duffy, one of the first female audio engineers in podcasting plus a badass singer songwriter.

Support this podcast and support women being up to making a difference - not just for themselves or the planet, but by highlighting everyday women warriors one podcast at a time.

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