Episode 2: Ali Owens

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When we fully connect to our intuition we can trust ourselves more. We all have intuitive hits. It’s just how much stock do we place in them? Looking back, In my old relationship, my intuition was screaming at me “get out”, but I wasn’t’ listening to it. I didn’t trust that it was truthful.
— Ali Owens

Ali Owens is a girl you want in your corner. She’s a motivational speaker, she’s a writer and she’s the author of Bad Fat Person: A reflection on plus size bodies in a cookie-cutter culture.  On top of all of that she’s an empowerment strategist, on a mission to transform women’s lives through Ali-Owens.com.  And she knows what what she’s talking about, she’s gone through it as a survivor of domestic abuse and borderline anorexia. On this episode she shares how she left the abusive relationship, how she found her voice, and why it’s so important for her to be showing other women that the life they dream of is possible.

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SHOW NOTES: Things We Mentioned
Grounding Meditations
Landmark Worldwide - personal development & training programs
Insight Timer  - guided meditation app
Elizabeth Gilbert - author Eat Pray Love & Big Magic
Jen Sincero - author You Are a Badass, & You Are a Badass at Making Money
Mel Robbins - speaker and author 5 Second Rule
Tiffany Haug - podcaster & Dietician from San Diego
Hocus Pocus the movie
Joe Rogan - comedian, MMA commentator and host of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast
DoTerra - essential oil brand & company
The Body Remembers by Babett Rothschild

SHOW NOTES: Inspirational Women
Ryann Gaspara
Kate Farmer - Ali’s bbf & musician
Victoria Benjamin - Ali’s friend, abuse advocate
Boyfriend Paul

SHOW NOTES: Did Kara’s voice change or who is that other person talking?!?

No, that’s not my voice that changes at minute 44. That’s our Sound Engineer & Producer, Jordan Duffy :)


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