Episode 3 : Amber Amos

My best advice for anybody that might struggling is don’t ever give up on something that sets your soul on fire. You hang on to that! If it makes you feel unlike anything else makes you feel it’s because it’s the right thing and you have to trust the process. There is no timeline of success. It doesn’t have to happen in this amount of time or it doesn’t matter and your journey isn’t anybody else’s journey. They are all very different and the universe will work in your favor.
— Amber Amos

Amber Amos is the owner and chef of Westside Taco Co. Her carnitas tacos took 2nd place at the LA Weekly’s Tacolandia and was voted 3rd best restaurant in Bend just months after opening up shop Oregon and not even being located in Bend! When not creating ridiculously delicious tacos such as the Blueberry Brisket Tacos, she’s a great mom of two boys and spending as much time outside in Central Oregon’s nature as possible.  On this episode she share the journey that took her from working at a ski lift in June Mountain to working at the Oscars with Wolfgang Puck to opening up West Side Taco Co. She also shares how she makes it through the tough times in life and why showing her sons what bravery looks like is what matters most.

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SHOW NOTES: Things We Mentioned:
Redmond, OR
Roseburg, OR
Norco, OR
Mammoth Mountain
June Mountain
24 Hour Fitness
Le Cordon Bleu, Pasadena
Wolfgang Puck"
Westside Taco Co
“When Your in Your 20’s Book” : So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion In the Quest for Work You Love by Cal Newport
LA Weekly “Tacolandia”
TCA Awards
Kobold Brewing The Tap House
Bend Bulletin
“Favors the Brave” quote: “Fortune Favors the Brave” - Ennius
Blue Pool - sorry can’t tell you where it is! ;)
Girl Wash Your Face, Rachel Hollis
Dutch Brothers
Proust - London Smog
Bend Rock Gym

Quotes from Amber:

“Don’t ever give up on anything that sets your soul on fire”

“I want all the brunch and all the mimosas”

“Be brave. Life’s too short to be afraid.”

Mammoth Mountain, June Mountain Lift Rider
24 Hour Fitness
Loan Officer
Culinary School
Oscars & Wolfgang Puck
Hotel Chef
Restaurant Chef
Stay At Home Mom
Private Chef
Meal Prepping for Cancer Patients
West Side Taco Co (catering)

New Brick & Mortar Restaurant Coming Soon!
Piano Lessons
Rock climbing
Local organic food & farming children’s book


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Production, Audio Engineering, & Editing by Jordan Duffy

Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic