Episode 22 : Jordan Duffy

The moment it feels really terrifying you have to do it. I know that it feels nice to be comfortable but the moment you feel that you have to do it. No matter how scared you feel.
— Jordan Duffy

Jordan is the first female audio engineer at Earwolf/Stitcher a podcasting company where she works on podcasts such as Hollywood Handbook, Best Friends, Bitch Sesh, Spanish Aqui Present, Yo Is This Racist?, Queery, and Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend plus many more. She’s also a singer songwriter, the engineer here on the Powerful Ladies Podcast and my sister. On this episode she shares how to chase your dream and say yes to opportunities when you’re broke, what it’s really like to chase a career as a musician, her personal experiences with sexual assault, and breaking news on when her new album is coming out.