Courtney Evors


Courtney Evors is all about health, fitness and wellness. Her interested have lead her down multiple paths of side hustles all in the name of athletics and optimum performance, though always with a light, fun and approachable position. As an American living outside of Nurnberg Germany, Courtney has not only tackled the language, but now also the paperwork to be an entrepreneur in foreign country.

Growing up in south east Pennsylvania, Courtney was always in sports, naturally competitive and found fun through discovering her best level of performance. She dreamed of being a gymnast with her advantageous petite athletic frame. Her mother was equally her biggest fan and a traditionalist, often pull Courtney aside to reminder to her to be a lady. One example being when she sees Courtney comparing bicep sizes with a boy on her team at a swim meet, pulling her aside to tell her that “little girls don’t tell and then show boys they have bigger biceps”.

In addition to loving sports, Courtney grew up knowing she wanted to work in fashion. After college she landed an internship in New York City for Michael Kors. Then a friend called her about a role at Fila. Preparing for the interview she completely fell down a rabbit hole of design ideas and options for athletes and realized sports apparel is where her two passions could be beautifully combined.

After a few years in NYC, Courtney was recruited to adidas as an apparel designer and moved to Portland, Oregon. As is true for all the big sportswear companies, her team was encouraged to participate in the sport they created product & marketing for. Through a team training session Courtney was introduced to CrossFit for the first time. Very quickly it was noticed that she was really good at Crossfit, so much that as the team was registering to attend the CrossFit Games, her boss told her to register as a competitor and not a spectator. Thus began her adult competitive athletic career.

After a company restructure, she moved to the global headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Crossfit hadn’t made it to Bavaria yet, so Courtney started making her own training programs based upon the Crossfit model. Colleagues started to ask to train with her and she quickly went from 2 friends training with her to 20 people showing up for her training session. Her name preceded her on the large corporate campus and she became known as “Crossfit Courtney”. Jump a few years and encouraged by her boyfriend, Courtney tries out for a Powerlifting competition. Next thing she knows, Courtney is competing for the German National Team in the 40+ 57 kilo class.

While living in New York, she mixed playing hard after hours in the city with working hard in the gym. This seemed like a logical and healthy balance until she read Fast Food Nation. Immediately this kicked off her her journey into food, diet and wellness. From vegetarian to veganism to whole food, her diet has evolved as she has and eventually led to London to be certified at the C.H.E.K. institute as a nutrition & holistic lifestyle coach. Cooking her own food, coaching others on the best foods for them, and always searching for equally healthy and satisfying meals, she began Courtney’s Kitchen, where you can find her whole food, gluten free, vegan, delicious granola.

Today Courtney is very busy and happy living outside of Nurnberg, Germany with her boyfriend and dog. By day she’s a project manager at adidas traveling the world for the innovations team. On her off hours she’s training for her next Powerlifting competition for the German National Team, building her granola business, and coaching people on holistic life and nutrition. While it’s a lot of hours, she loves it and finds ways to make it work no matter what circumstances.

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