Jade Baptiste

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Jade Baptiste is a woman on a mission. Her YouTube channel Jaded Journey has over seven thousand followers. Seven thousand people keeping her accountable as she takes on her health and fitness in a way she’s never done before and as a result, she’s producing results for herself and a committed following of her audience.

Jade had spent most of her life assuming she wouldn’t achieve her dreams and that chasing her dreams was probably a waste of time. Then, against her expectations, last year she graduated as a LPN, licensed practical nurse. She surprised herself. Two years of dedicated, hard work had actually resulted in what she had hoped for. In her words, “if I can get through nursing school, I can do anything.”

Fueled by her success, she decided to take on the part of her life she most wanted to transform - her heath and fitness. She started her challenge at 441 pounds barely able to walk for a few minutes without getting out of breath. Getting healthy was about more than her, she knew her health would directly impact her profession as a nurse to be an example and to be able to help everyone in need. Adding to her weight loss challenge, she lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia surrounded by fried food and fast food on every corner plus regular Haitian family dinners. Jade knew that she couldn’t take on this journey on her own. She needed to be accountable. She needed a team. She decided to lay it all out on the line by documenting her journey with the world through YouTube.

Today Jade is in school to be a registered nurse, working two nursing jobs, and managing her Jaded Journey YouTube channel. It’s no surprise to me that her YouTube channel Jaded Journey which is both hilarious and vulnerable as she shares her life focusing on her health and fitness progress is blowing up. She is a badass.  She’s so brave to be sharing what most find as our most shameful journey, loudly and proudly with anyone who’s willing to follow along on YouTube. And the results?  Her vulnerability is making her lovable self that much more endearing and inspiring to her audience. I’m left with more energy and optimism about humanity and life in general knowing Jade is out there giving 120% to herself, her work and all the amazing things she’s up to. 

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