Episode 29 : Courtney Evors

The thing is, when you have a goal and there’s something you really want to do, you make the time and energy to do it.
— Courtney Evors

Courtney is a Senior Project Manager at adidas working in footwear, a competitive powerlifter, a nutrition holistic life coach and has launched a granola business. She’s doing all of this as an American living in Germany just outside of Nurnberg with her boyfriend and dog. Hear how she does it all while traveling the world for work and competitions. On this episode she shares her tips for how there are no limits to what you can do or take on and what it means to be and speak up for female athletes.

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SHOW NOTES: Things we mentioned:
Competitive Powerlifting
Portland, Oregon
Oxygen Magazine
Dave Castro - Crossfit Games Director
Michael Kors
Fast Food Nation - read and changed her food for ever
The China Study
Whole foods minimally processed diet
Courtney’s Kitchen
Dolly Parton
Mind Pump Podcast
Marie Forleo
Marie TV

The Daily Skimm for news
The Daily Show
Late Night with Seth Meyers
The Late Show with Steve Colbert
Gabrielle Bernstein the Universe Has Your Back
Paul Chek & C.H.E.K. Certification
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Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic