Episode 28 : Victoria Varon

It became clear to me that my purpose was to give. It was to be a space for people to wake up to their bliss and move into that direction and have it be so.
— Victoria Varon

Victoria is what you expect when you think of “powerful lady”. She’s a mother, she’s a wife, she owns a real estate company with her husband, she’s the founding president of Elevate Leadership Community and she’s a co-founder of Transformational Tribe Experience, plus she’s the president of the Porsche Club of the San Diego Area. What?!? How does one person have this much time to be such a contribution to the world? Well, you’re going to find out on this episode. Victoria is one of the most amazing, compassionate and powerful women I’ve had the chance to interview of this podcast and that’s saying a lot considering who we have as amazing guests and our ambassadors around the world. On this episode we’ll talk about why she got involved in transformational work, why compassion and helping people find their bliss is her mission and how she found that, and also what she still works on herself. 

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SHOW NOTES: Things we mentioned:

Elevate Leadership Community
Transformational Tribe Experience
Porsche Club of America San Diego Region
Porsche Track Driving Experience LA
Gill Regimbal
Queen Victoria
Marhnelle Hibbard
Super Soul Sunday
Byron Katie - “Defense is the first act of war”
Mother Teresa
Landmark Worldwide
Sound healing
Marianne Williamson
Esther Hicks


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