Be Brave Enough to Chase Your Hero's Career


When you start creating your vision for your dream life, are you stopping just short of thinking you can have the lifestyle or career of your hero? Are you respecting them too much and thinking you always need to be one level less-than? Are you doubting your own ability to be just as successful as them or, gasp!, more success than them?

If you limit your dreams, they’ll be just that - limited. Play for the life that would knock your socks off. The life that would cause you to try tears of joy each morning you wake up and get to life it another day.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was bold enough to believe that he could have a career bigger and better than his idol Will Smith at a time when he had nothing to show for such a grand vision. His early life was showing no predictors for success. Nothing was going his way for many years. Even after he started to have moments of success or celebrity, he still had things going wrong. Yet, he always believed that he was meant for something more.

The Rock is most likely not what you think of when you think “Powerful Ladies”, and yet how he’s lived his life is FULL of guidance for how to life your best life and create a life that is of your own making. The practical tips of how he lives his daily life, his schedule, and his consistent commitments we could all apply to our own life. The level to which he trusts his intuition and backs it up with working harder than those around him is sage advice for how to not just dream your life, but work your life. Additionally he is a man of his word - not just walking the talk, but for being committed to giving back, making a difference and sharing his knowledge with everyone ready to listen.

Watch his 10 Rules for Life and his Speech to the LA Lakers and add some of the Rock’s fire into your everyday and dreams. He’s good for the eyes and better for the soul. Thank you Dwayne for being one of the great humans we have on this planet. Thank you for showing us to how work our ass off, appreciate the life we create, be charming and enjoy it along the way.

Are you a fan of the The Rock? What did you take away from those videos? Let us know in the comments below.