Therapy That Works for You

By: Shae LaPlace

Mental health has finally become a normalized topic of conversation. Between TV shows, best selling novels, articles, and podcasts, it’s something that we’ve finally gotten comfortable talking about! The stigma that used to exist surrounding therapy has fallen by the wayside. If you’re currently working through something, or if you just need someone to talk to in general, therapy is tool we can all use to live our best, most powerful lives.

When we talk therapy, the hesitation that often comes up is the cost. Some insurance providers may not cover it, or you may have trouble finding a therapist within your plan that is the right fit for you. Maybe, spending money on therapy just isn’t in your budget right now. Well, not to worry. There are options for therapy, no matter your situation. Here are some ways to find therapy at little to no cost.


Depending on your employer you may have access to something called an EAP. Which is an Employee Assistance Program. An EAP is setup to lower stress levels, increase employe happiness, and increase productivity. These programs can set up you with licensed counselors and clinicians to help you with everything from anxiety support, and stress management, to relationship, grief, and financial counseling. Not all companies have EAPs, but touch base with your HR department to find out if you have access.

Graduate Programs/Teaching Hospitals:

If there are graduate psychology programs, and or teaching hospitals in your area you may be in luck. Psychology graduate students, counselors, and therapists need to log practice hours, as a result they often offer free, or nearly free sessions. These students are often very eager and thorough. If the thought of seeing a student makes you uneasy, not to worry, a licensed counselor will be supervising every session. And if you still need convincing, the facilities that house these programs are usually sparkling and state of the art.

Sliding Scale:

Some therapists and counselors offer a sliding scale of payment options. Many practicing therapists understand that payment can be an issue, and will offer a sliding scale for their rates. They will base them off income for those who may not be in the position to pay for full priced sessions. There’s even a chance you may be able to find a therapist who offers pro bono sessions in their schedule. These typically fill up fast, but if you plan your sessions in advance it can be a great option.

Therapy Apps:

For those who prefer human to human interaction this may not be the best option. However, for some this can be a great option. There are a plethora of mental health, and mindfulness apps out there that can help guide you to your most powerful self. There is a website called Psyberguide that can help you find the right app for the kind of counseling, and or treatment that you are looking for. They allow you to filter based on condition, or situation.


There are also ways to chat, call, and video-chat with licensed therapists online, for cheap, or even for free. BetterHelp is a website that matches you with a real certified counselor, based on your needs. Pricing starts at $40 per week, but once you get started the site offers financial aid. If you are unsatisfied with the counselor you have been matched with, you can switch to a new one at any time. BetterHelp is just one of many websites that offers these types of services.

Therapy can be an incredible tool to understand feelings, sort through our traumas, and overall clear the mind for a happier, and more powerful life. You might need it more than you think. We hope that these options will help you find something that is right for you. And seriously, there’s no harm in trying it out!