Powerful Lady Tunde Borrego on Balance


by: Shae LaPlace

In the theme of meditation, Yoga comes up a lot. Yoga is a form of meditation involving movement, and it is extremely popular, particularly here, in Boulder, CO. I reached out to Boulder’s own Tunde Borrego. Tunde is a longtime instructor at Corepower Yoga. She is looked up to, and beloved by many students. She is grounded, self-aware, kind, and the definition of a spiritual gangster. As a student of hers I was immediately drawn in by her frank, unapologetic attitude, and her willingness to bare all. Tunde leads classes with a mindset that asks students to surrender their pride, and come play! She encourages students of all levels to try, just try to get upside down. When the I think balance, and mindfulness, I think of Tunde Borrego. So, I reached out to her and asked her a few questions about what balance means to her and where the rest of us can find it!

Shae LaPlace: “How has your practice helped you achieve balance in your life?”

Tunde Borrego: “Well balance is like this elusive thing, right? But, self acceptance, and self love, and being okay when I’m not in balance.”

SL: “What can we learn about ourselves, and challenging ourselves, from inversions?”

TB: “I think a couple things, first of all, playfulness. As we get older we kinda get so f***in’ serious. Sorry if I can’t cuss! Oops haha! Umm, also when I’m upside down that’s the only thing I’m thinking about. It forces me to be present, if I’m not I fall out.”

SL: “I think maybe that’s why I have a hard time getting upside down. Because I can’t quite focus.”

TB: “Yeah! Because theres that fear. The mind is freaking out, it’s like this weird balance of the mind and the body, and the mind can really get in the way of that.”

SL: “ I consider you to be someone that I look to for balance and grounded-ness. That being said, what would you say to those hoping to achieve more balance in their lives?”

TB: “Don’t give up! Keep practicing! This whole thing, this concept of balance is so elusive. Is there even such thing? Working towards it, I guess? Is it a destination? Or the process of moving towards it. It sort of depends on in what sense we’re talking about. In life, I think of it more as being content, and being okay with what is happening in my life. Just rolling with it, going with the flow. And back to practicing, keep practicing, we only get good at what we practice. So…”

SL: “I think you made a really good point. Going with the flow, and giving in to the movement of life. The harder you fight it the more likely you are to fall over.”

TB: “Yeah, because we’re not statues, in yoga class or in life.”

SL: “Can you talk a little bit about Yoga as a meditation practice?”

TB: “For me, the word Vinyasa, which means to place in a specific way, so in the flow, the movement is all very mindfully done. So, meditation, being mindful, for me it’s easier for me to be present in a flow, versus just sitting still in a pose, ‘cuz that’s when my brain wanders. So, focusing my mind on the flow, and each transition in between helps me to be super present. And really that’s the idea behind meditation, its being present.”

SL: “What does the word balance mean to you in your life? Where do you feel balance?”

TB: “Personally, for me, when I think of balance, I feel like I’m on my game in life in terms of mind, body, spirit. My body is healthy, my brain is clear, I’m actively participating in my life. For example, in winter I got kinda depressed, and kinda isolated, I wasn’t really doing much, and I wasn’t eating the best food, like I just kinda got out of alignment. Maybe the word alignment is better for me. When I’m in my best alignment slash in my balance, that’s when I feel most myself, and in my groove.”

SL: “Lastly what is your best advice for someone hoping to find more balance in their own life?”

TB: “That’s a deep question haha.. Well, if it’s a yoga student, I would always say just keep practicing, cuz there’s gonna be plateaus, and times when you’re not making progress. But if it’s more in the broad sense of life, I’d say, just don’t force it. And, be gentle with yourself, we’re just human. In Yoga, you’ll see someone like forcing a pose, and you’re just like, yo dude, just chill. Let it be soft, let it be gentle, let it be easy, and don’t struggle out. We’re all in the same boat, just trying to find life balance. For me sometimes, it’s a routine that I need to get into. For someone else it might be something completely different. But listen to that… I guess that’s it!”