Episode 17 : Rachael Lee Sortor

For me rock climbing was a sanctuary. It was a beautiful place for me to retreat to. To be myself, to find myself, to grow and explore life.
— Rachael Lee Sortor

Rachael Lee Sortor is a neonatal ICU flight nurse and has been a competitive rock climber since she was a teenager.  She is focused, intentional, and committed as a mom and wife to her family living their best and most balanced lives. At 8 months old, before she could walk, her daughter Ellie started to rock climb. One day Rachael posted a video of Ellie climbing at the local rock gym to Facebook to share with her family.  Within 48 hours the video was internationally viral. Soon the Ellen Show called and their lives changed forever.

To follow, support and connect with Rachael and Ellie you can:

  • Follower Rachael on Instagram @rachael_lee_87

  • Follow Ellie on Instagram @LittleZenMonkey

  • Visit Rachael on Facebook /rachael.blievernichtfarmer

  • Email Rachael at rachaelsortor87@gmail.com

SHOW NOTES: Things we mentioned:
Helicopter Nurse
Rock Climbing
Climbing Wall for Children
Athletic Trainer
Alex Honneld
Jimmy Chin
Outdoor Retailer Trade Show
Salt Lake City
Travel Nurse
Bend, Oregon
Neonatal Flight Nurse
High Risk Deliveries
Skin to Skin Care
ONA - Oregon Nurses Association
Paddle Board
Smith Rock
Barnes & Nobles
14 yr old boy home schooled TED Talk
Ellen Show
Ellie & Rachael’s Ellen Show Episode
World Cup Circuit Rock Climbing
Jiu Jit Su
The Obstacle is the Way
Marcus Aurelius
Happiness Hypothesis
Love Her Wild

First 4 Things She Removed From Her Diet:
High Fructose Syrup
Hydrogenated Oils
Fake Sugars

To Start Climbing Tomorrow:

  1. Don’t read about it and go out & try yourself.

  2. Learn from the experts

  3. Find a good climbing gym in your area

  4. Get training from a certified expert or trainer

  5. Learn to Belay

  6. Learn Proper Wall Technique

  7. Learn Proper Rope use and protection

  8. After you learn the basics inside, go outside

  9. Get a guide to take you to an outside location

Pros & Cons of Travel Nursing:

  • It can pay well if you’re willing to go to places where you’re needed

  • You need to know to ask enough questions about the hospital, patient ratio, etc

  • Ability to pick up and move often

  • Ability to determine your schedule and locations

  • Typically the locations you want to be don’t pay as well

Women who Inspired You:
Brandie Carlise


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Production, Audio Engineering, & Editing by Jordan Duffy

Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic