Episode 26 : Meredith Burkholder

It’s always going to be fine. That’s my biggest mantra over the years. You freak out about something. How is this ever going to happen and I stress out in my head. But it’s all going to be fine.
— Meredith Burkholder

Meredith is the CEO, Founder, and Director of Webfest Berlin - a short-form series festival. Her love for short-form series is deep. In addition to running Webfest Berlin, she’s a consultant for short-form series, has written a book on short-form series, is producing a 1/2 hour series of her own and is planning a second webfest location in Asia. On this episode she tells us how she went from Texas to starting her own business ½ way around the world in a city she didn’t speak the language or know anyone. We talk about diversity and opportunity in the web series and podcast space, why it’s always a good idea to move abroad, and how ever expanding networks allow you to find the various keys to your dream life.

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SHOW NOTES: Things we mentioned:
Webfest Berlin
Short-Form Series
Art History
Bodem Cafe & Home Store
Reality TV
Christmas Markets
Sound of Music
Lugano, Italy
Osmosis - Ann SantaMaria
Yo This Is Racist
Special (Netflix)
Armchair Expert by Dax Shepard
Joe Rogan
Nextdoor App
Adeline’s Episode


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Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic