Free Yoga: It's Real & Here's How to Find it

By Shae LaPlace

Yoga can be a seriously expensive hobby to have! But the benefits can be more than worth your while. If you’re looking for fitness, mindfulness, or even just a new routine. Creating balance in your life could start with yoga! Obviously, there are different yoga studios all over the country. It can be hard to know where to start.

Well, we’ve done some research on where you can dive into your yoga practice for FREE.
Here are some places you might be able to start:

Corepower is chain yoga studio. Their studios are located in most major cities across the U.S. Corepower offers an unlimited week of free yoga for all new students. Corepower offers multiple levels and styles of heated studio yoga classes. Studio temperatures range from around 85 degrees up to 115 degrees. In a week you’ll be able to try them all before you commit to paying for classes. Their classes vary in style and tradition, however, there is a heavy focus on exercise as meditation across their style of practice.

Prana is a Yoga clothing and outdoor store that occasionally offers free classes. Typically hosted in-store by a local instructor. You can find out about the schedule of these free events in your local Prana store, or through their website. Each store offers different classes at different times. For example, the store local to Boulder, CO offers free classes DAILY of all different styles, taught by different instructors from studios all around town. Prana’s FREE classes are definitely worth checking out!

Lululemon not only offers free online Yoga classes, but also free in-store classes. You can find a list of events organized by store location on the community section of their website. They offer classes for all skill levels and activity styles. From Yin-Yoga to Vinyasa, to Community running, Lululemon offers a number of free activities to get you active and keep you mindful!

Yoga Pod
Boasting studios across Colorado, Florida, Texas and Nevada, Yoga Pod is well established studio with a great reputation. Yoga Pod offers your first week of yoga for free. You can choose from six different styles of classes. Yoga Pod is also a heated yoga practice. Classes range in heat, and intensity. Once you have finished your first free week, many of their locations offer a deal that is 30 days for $30 for your first month! If they have a studio near you, this is a great opportunity to bring out your inner Yogi! 

Community Classes
Yoga is a very popular practice these days. If none of these stores/studios are available in your area, there are likely still plenty of community classes at your disposal. Take to google and you’re certain to be surprised at how many local studios, churches, shops, and even restaurants offer free yoga events for locals! Community classes like this are also often a great way to meet people and network. You might be shocked to see how tightly knit and diverse the Yogi community can be. Additionally, these community classes can be a great way to achieve balance in your life in more ways than one.