Episode 5 : Ryann Gaspara

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I can’t believe this is my job that I made for myself. I created this thing and now people are trusting me to do this and hiring me to do this and spending money on this. I didn’t even realize the amount of money that goes into something like this. I just through ok, let’s just keep going, this is what I’m interested in. I just kept following what I was interested in and now people are coming for me and wanting me. I have to pinch myself.
— Ryann Gaspara

Ryann Gaspara is the badass entrepreneur owner of Gaspara Flora, what started as custom wedding gifting company and transformed into a custom corporate gifting company and has expanded again to include bespoke hotel luxury amenities.  She’s a fierce supporter of women entrepreneurs and that creating something that matters for you, your customers and the end consumer is what really matters. Ryann and I met through our great friend Ally Winn, when we all ran the Southern California Ragnar race together. Ragnars are a 12 person, 2 van, 200 mile relay race, which means you’re stuck in a van together for 36 hours plus while everyone runs more than they ever normally would with limited food and sleep. So you kinda get to know each other. Since then thanks to social media and running the race again the next year, we’ve become part of each others boss lady cheer team.  She’s super inspiring, a loyal friend, and really authentic on both this episode and on social media about the great and the ugly of being an entrepreneur and running a small business. She’s a living, breathing Powerful Lady. On this episode she shares her story from starting on the safe path to making the leap to living big & boldly as her own boss. We discuss how to know when it’s the right time to start, how to take care of yourself along the way, what to do when you’re not feeling so powerful and how the universe helps you along the way. Enjoy the episode!

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SHOW NOTES: Things We Mentioned
Gaspara Flora
Ontario, California

Private Girls’ School near Pasadena
Cosmetology School
La Jolla, California
Hello Sessions
Portland, Oregon
Chef’s Table with Christina Tosi
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Astrology Reading
Past Life Reading
Moving Meditation
San Diego
New York
How I Built This
The book that says follow what you’re good at not your passion:
Red Tail Hawk
Mel Robbins
5 Second Rule
Everyone Poops
Rachel Hollis

Private Girl’s School
Cosmetology School
Hair Salon in La Jolla
Fundraising for Non-Profit Theater
Hello Sessions in PDX
Gifts for Weddings
Corporate Gifting
Hotel Luxury Amenities


  • That people are trusting her w/ their business

  • That she’s able to provide for her family

  • That her vision & her place are aligning


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